MEDITECH User Network (MUN 2023)

The highly anticipated MEDITECH User Network (MUN) Conference is right around the corner, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. We always look forward to being a part of MUN, and if you’re attending this year’s event, swing by our stand and say hello to our team.

Join us for a transformative experience, where healthcare innovation meets collaboration and knowledge sharing, empowering Healthcare Organisations. At BridgeHead Software, we’re dedicated to helping Trusts navigate the challenges of the digital era. Our team will be available at the conference to discuss how our solutions are empowering organisations in various crucial aspects.

  • Data Consolidation and Retirement: Consolidating and leveraging data from legacy, duplicate, or replaced systems, seamlessly making it available to the MEDITECH EHR. By doing so, you can retire those outdated applications, saving precious time, resources, and costs
  • Comprehensive Medical Image Access: Our solutions enable you to image-enable the MEDITECH EHR, granting access to a wide array of medical images, including radiology, cardiology, and pathology.
  • Seamless Cloud Migration: We assist in moving applications, data, and images to the Cloud or Hybrid Cloud, ensuring scalability, flexibility, and accessibility in the digital age.
  • Robust Data Protection and Recovery: Our solutions ensure the full protection and recoverability of critical applications like MEDITECH, safeguarding them against cyberattacks, outages, corruption, and natural disasters.

Don’t Miss Our Session! Healthcare’s landscape is undergoing a profound data-driven transformation. Join us at MUN 23 in Liverpool, delve into our session with John McCann, VP of Global Marketing, discussing the relevance of legacy data.

Explore healthcare’s future with us, sharing insights and elevating capabilities. Looking forward to connecting at MUN

MUSE International Conference 2017

04 - 05 October 2023

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Liverpool

2 St Nicholas Place, Liverpool, L3 1QW

To register for the MEDITECH User Network event, please visit the MUN 23 website:

Or. if you would like to set up a meeting with BridgeHead while at MUN, please email who will make the necessary arrangements.

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