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Problem Solved

Parkview Medical Center upgraded to MEDITECH 6.0 in 2013, which is when their backup needs grew exponentially from 11 servers to 70 servers. This not only created a much larger server workload but needed dedicated personnel responsible solely for the backup needs. It required someone to be well versed in the BridgeHead backup application including the sequencing that would ensure proper protection of their critical hospital data.

Having worked with BridgeHead since 2010 it made perfect sense for Parkview to deepen their relationship with BridgeHead to include Platinum Maintenance. In addition to managing the daily backups, platinum maintenance provided them with dedicated support staff as an extension of the hospitals IT staff. Helping them think outside the box to find the right solution. Ensuring that the mission-critical EMR data was safeguarded in the event of system outages, loss, corruption or disaster.

Why BridgeHead?

  • A dedicated & experienced partner who acts as an extension of the IT team to ensure end-to-end system & data protection
  • Breadth of experience and excellent reputation in the market
  • Confident that the BridgeHead team and its solution could help solve the challenge that Parkview was faced with when upgrading

Hospital Profile

  • Serves the medical needs of 370,000 people in Pueblo County and 14 surrounding counties
  • Private, non-profit organization that offers general acute healthcare and behavioural health speciality services
  • Regions only certified Level II Trauma Center and first certified stroke center
  • Using BridgeHead’s Platinum Maintenance Service to safeguard its EMR data

“Early on, performing backups was a less-than-full-time job, but when the backup workload grew exponentially, it made great sense from a staffing perspective to contract this specialized function to BridgeHead. We receive all notifications of backup success and failure. Our BridgeHead technician sees the same messages I do, but they’re usually fixed before I even see them.

We’ve been approached by other vendors, but what we have works, and we’re committed to the relationship. There comes a point where there’s a level of reliability: I rely on BridgeHead’s Platinum Maintenance service day in and day out, and I’m not looking to change.”

Bill Mead

Network Administrator & Engineer, Parkview Medical Center

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