With many Picture Archive and Communications System (PACS) contracts coming up for renewal is a straight PACS renewal or replacement contract for another five, seven or ten years with an existing or new vendor really the best solution? Or is it simply perceived to be the easiest route? Or are Trusts really exploring the possibilities available to them?

Jamie Clifton, BridgeHead Software’s VP of Product Management & Solutions, believes PACS contract renewals present the ideal opportunity for NHS Trusts to take a step back and examine their overall data management strategy.With clinical effectiveness increasingly measured by the ability of healthcare organisations to provide high-quality care in a timely fashion, our Chief Medical Officer, Dr Saif Abed, provides his view on healthcare’s most important resource for effectiveness – data. Read Dr Abed’s article for his first-hand account of how the NHS’ move to digital has actually just shifted paper (and the inherent problems of sharing data) online. Dr Abed argues that multiple data silos still exist – linked to applications across multiple departments and organisations within the health service. This is, in turn, having an impact on health providers’ ability to provide care across organisations.

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