Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBaR)

A best-of-breed suite of solutions to help hospitals backup to, as well as recover and run their EHR in the Cloud.
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Imagine this. Your EHR goes down. You do have backups but restoring them is going to take a while. In the meantime, your doctors and nurses have no access to patient charts! How can they be expected to deliver quality care without the information they need?

Now, imagine the same situation. But, this time, you have a near instant failover to the Cloud. Within minutes, your EHR is up and running. Your clinical teams barely notice and are able to continue to provide essential patient care. And now your IT team can focus on diagnosing and solving the problem – safe in the knowledge that hospital operations can continue.

Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBaR)

Offering a range of solutions to enable healthcare organizations to leverage the Cloud for both backup and recovery of their mission critical systems.

BridgeHead’s Cloud-Backup and Recovery (CBaR) is a seamlessly integrated, two-tier solution for protecting and accessing your mission critical EHR data.

CBaR, the lastest member of BridgeHead’s RAPid™ Data Protection solutions, leverages the latest in flash drive storage, Cloud technology, and proven data backup software. If your EHR goes down, due to ransomware, unexpected downtime or natural disasters; your hospital can restore and access its clinical and administrative information in an easy, fast and cost-effective way without any loss of data.

BridgeHead’s CBaR enables healthcare facilities to:

  • Simplify & Accelerate Backup – ensuring critical EHR data is quickly backed up to the Cloud and available beyond an outage or disaster for the continued running of healthcare operations
  • Replicate & Restore Your EHR – quickly and easily from regular recover points, including both the application environment and data, without corruption and minimizing information loss
  • Slash Infrastructure Costs & Save Space – utilizing the Cloud’s ‘Pay For Use’ model, thereby eliminating secondary datacenters and recapturing valuable server room space in your hospital
  • Leverage The Efficiency Of Flash With Pure Storage – capitalizing on today’s storage technology to provide application consistency
  • Modernize Your Backup & Recovery Environment – by moving away from costly and time-consuming tape backups
  • Allow Experts To Manage Your Data Protection – by outsourcing the day-to-day operations of your backup and recovery to industry experts – freeing up your IT resources and giving you peace of mind

Modernize Your Data Protection​

With BridgeHead’s Cloud Backup and Recovery, you get the best of all worlds:

  • A market leading backup and recovery solution (BridgeHead’s RAPid™ Data Protection) specifically designed for mission critical healthcare systems
  • Flash-to-Flash-to-Cloud (F2F2C) technology, delivering snapshots for fast local restores, retention in the Cloud, and streamlined data re-use beyond backup – such as analytics, AI, and regulatory compliance
  • State-of-the-Art Cloud facilities that can be scaled up and down based on usage
  • Healthcare, data protection and Cloud expertise and knowledge wrapped up in a managed service

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Cloud Backup and Recovery Features

BridgeHead’s Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBaR) offers an extensive range of features to enable hospitals to efficiently and effectively backup to and recover their critical EHR application in the Cloud:


On-site flash drive performance


Full data encryption


State-of-the-Art Cloud storage & protection with AWS


Regulatory compliant (HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR)


Near real-time replication to avoid data loss


​10x more capacity & 3x faster backup than tape


High de-duplication & compression ratios


True two-tier redundant off-site retention & recovery


Fully managed & supported

Don’t take our word for it …

“Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBaR) eliminates the need to acquire, set up, and manage backup infrastructure and processes. CBaR is a subscription that manages the entire backup process, stores redundant copies on premises and in the Cloud, and verifies the integrity of the data within the backups. A portal allows you to check that backups have taken place and are verified. CBaR delivers a reliable service so healthcare IT professionals have one less thing to worry about.”

Chris Bokis

Healthcare Principal Engineer, PURE STORAGE

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