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Cybersecurity and the Impact of Legacy Applications

By Dr Saif Abed, Chief Medical Officer and Healthcare Cyber-warfare Expert at BridgeHead Software Today, cybersecurity is a hot topic in healthcare. Wherever you click there’s an article about the latest ransomware attack or statistic about how hospitals have become a...

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Investing in the Interoperability of Healthcare Data

By Tim Kaschinske, HealthStore Product Manager at BridgeHead Software Much of the conversation around healthcare innovation at the moment is focused on interoperability and the sharing of patient information. The message is the same on both sides of the pond....

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Tips for the Successful Backup of Your Healthcare Systems

By Gareth Griffiths, Chief Technology Officer, BridgeHead SoftwareI’ve been in the backup business for a long time (no don’t ask!), but I remember 7 track tapes and when floppy disks were 8 inches and actually floppy… yet the basic concept that healthcare...

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To Upgrade or not Upgrade – That is the Question?

By Gareth Griffiths, Chief Technology Officer, BridgeHead Software If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – it makes me ‘wannacry’… You know I often hear that, but it holds a huge hidden danger. How do you KNOW it’s not broken? The key point about upgrades and updates is...

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Sports Medicine: Health IT’s New Digital Frontier

By Dr Saif Abed, Chief Medical Officer, BridgeHead Software When it comes to almost any digital transformation project that impacts clinical workflows, one of the most frequent questions I am asked is how to balance flexible access to patient information against...

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How Patient Records Can Assist Mental Health Services

By Dr Gabriel Ma, Clinical Lead at BridgeHead Software Mental health treatment pathways for patients are highly personalised and not one-size fits all. Often mental health professionals need to gain an overview of a patient’s medical history in order to understand the...

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Monitoring Backups: How Well Do You Know Your Backups?

By Gareth Griffith, Chief Technology Officer and Backup Product Manager, BridgeHead Software “Backup – yes, we’ve got it covered.” You’re unlikely to be surprised at how many times I hear this when I am talking with healthcare organizations. And, it should bring a...

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Four Ways to Protect Yourself from Ransomware Attacks

By Gareth Griffiths, Chief Technology Officer, BridgeHead Software Back in May, our eyes were opened to just how devastating an impact a ransomware attack can have on a healthcare system. More familiarly known as WannaCry, the attack crippled thousands of companies in...

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Statistical MUSE-ings

By John McCann, Director of Marketing, BridgeHead Software BridgeHead Software once again was proud to participate in last month’s International MUSE Conference – the premier source for networking, educating and professional development for MEDITECH users. As a...

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The Future of Cloud Data Integration

By Jamie Clifton – Vice-president Product Management & Solutions, BridgeHead Software I was recently asked to provide my predictions for the website Future of Everything on where cloud data integration will be 10 to 15 years from today. The healthcare sector is...

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Legacy Applications: It’s Time to Retire

By Stephen Matheson, Vice President, Product Management and North American Sales, BridgeHead Software At BridgeHead Software, we feel it’s important to continually assess healthcare environments, especially when considering legacy applications. Healthcare...

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Disaster Recovery: Where’s Your Security Weak Spot?

By Stephen Matheson, Vice President, Product Management and North American Sales, BridgeHead Software With the issue of disaster recovery continuing to keep many hospital C-level execs up at night, I developed a piece for the industry's premier publication on business...

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