Migration Services

BridgeHead offers a variety of services to assist you with migrating data to support your data management strategies and needs. By coupling these services with the software solutions we offer, we are able to migrate both clinical and non-clinical data between various storage platforms and devices or from one proprietary system into an independent clinical archive. We offer both DICOM and file level migration services to support this.
Application Retirement
BridgeHead’s Application Retirement Service is designed to migrate data out of legacy or retiring systems into our Independent Clinical Archive, HealthStore(TM) system, allowing continued access to this data without the need for the originating system to be available and maintained.
Our DICOM migration service is an end-to-end service that will migrate data from an existing DICOM compliant system into a DICOM clinical archive that can be leveraged by the originating application, as well as other applications that would benefit from leveraging access to this content.

Our rigorous project approach to a DICOM migration has the checks and validations required to be sure the data is accurate, properly protected and available to other systems. We also offer the ability to adjust the data (“tag morphing”) by the requesting application to allow the source data to meet the strict requirements of other systems.

File Level
BridgeHead’s file level migrations service can assist customers that are interested in moving large amounts of data off expensive primary storage to other storage solutions. File types are not important, as we are able to work with any type of data.

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