Cloud Backup as a Service (CBaaS)

A BridgeHead service providing a best of breed suite of solutions to help hospitals improve the reliability and, critically, the speed of restoration of backups by eliminating manual tape operations utilizing efficient deduplication appliances and low cost Cloud storage.
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Imagine this. Your EHR goes down. You have backups but restoring them is going to take a while. And your clinical staff now have to contend with no access to critical patient data! How can they be expected to provide the high level of care expected of them without the information they need while you wait for tapes to come back from your offsite store?

Now, imagine the same situation. But, this time you can immediately start restoring either from the local deduplication appliance or, if the local storage is completely damaged, from the Cloud. No more waiting hours for tapes to be delivered. And your backups no longer fail because you ran out of scratch tapes.

Cloud Backup as a Service (CBaaS)

A service offering a range of solutions to enable healthcare organizations to leverage the Cloud for the safe and efficient offsite storage of backups.

BridgeHead’s Cloud-Backup as a Service (CBaaS) offers a seamlessly integrated, two-tier solution for safeguarding your mission critical EHR data.

CBaaS, an option within BridgeHead’s RAPid™ Data Protection solutions, leverages the latest in deduplication technology, low cost Cloud storage, and proven data backup software. Should your EHR go down, due to ransomware, unexpected system outage, or natural disaster; BridgeHead’s support services can get to work – immediately identifying which systems need to be recovered, restoring your systems and/or data quickly, monitoring the restores so any issues can be efficiently resolved (allowing you to concentrate on the bigger picture), as well as investigating how the problem arose in the first place in order to prevent the situation reoccurring.

BridgeHead’s CBaaS enables healthcare providers to:

  • Simplify & Accelerate Backup – ensuring critical EHR data is quickly backed up to the Cloud and available beyond an outage or disaster for the continued running of healthcare operations
  • Quickly Restore Your EHR – quickly and easily from regular recover points, including both the application environment and data, without corruption and minimizing information loss
  • Know Your Backups Are Monitored – BridgeHead’s expert team will proactively detect and resolve any issues to ensure your critical systems are fully protected
  • Leverage The Efficiency Of Modern Deduplication Appliances – capitalizing on today’s storage technology to provide efficiency through compression and deduplication
  • Secure Backup Data With Encryption And Immutability – leveraging modern storage technology to provide safety from inappropriate access to backups (through encryption), and safety from malware attacks (with authentication air-gaps and immutability)
  • Modernize Your Backup & Recovery Environment – by moving away from costly and time-consuming tape backups
  • Allow Experts To Manage Your Data Protection – by outsourcing the day-to-day operations of your backup and recovery to industry experts – freeing up your IT resources and giving you peace of mind

“Although RAPid™ supports almost every possible type of media,
CBaaS is the method BridgeHead uses to manage our own backups.”

Gareth Griffiths
Product Manager – RAPid™ Data Protection Solutions

Modernize Your Data Protection​

With BridgeHead’s Cloud Backup as a Service, you get the best of all worlds:

  • A market leading backup and recovery solution (BridgeHead’s RAPid™ Data Protection) specifically designed for mission critical healthcare systems
  • Best of breed, industry leading deduplication appliances
  • Use of low cost Cloud storage
  • Healthcare data protection knowledge wrapped up in a managed service

CBaaS 3-2-1 Protection With Immutability

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Cloud Backup as a Service Features

BridgeHead’s Cloud Backup as a Service (CBaaS) offers an extensive range of features to enable hospitals to efficiently and effectively backup to and recover from the Cloud:


Full data encryption


Regulatory compliant (HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR)


Up to ​10x more capacity & 3x faster backup than tape


Fully managed & supported


State-of-the-Art storage & protection with your choice of Cloud vendor


High de-duplication & compression ratios


True two-tier redundant off-site retention & recovery

Don’t take our word for it …

“As the IT Director for Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center, changing to BridgeHead’s Cloud Backup as a Service means I no longer worry we have the appropriate backups or that our backups are not only securely stored off premise, but also encrypted correctly. And with the immutability features of CBaaS, alongside BridgeHead’s existing on-premise data protection offerings, I now feel confident that our medical records are safeguarded from loss, ransomware, malware, etc. With BridgeHead’s CBaaS, I can now sleep better at night!”

Justin Millar

IT Director, Mount Graham Regional Medical Center

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