A comprehensive solution that guarantees your MEDITECH Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is fully protected and recoverable in the event of a cyber-attack, system outage, data corruption/loss or major disaster.
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Organizations worldwide have taken the serious decision to make a significant investment in the MEDITECH Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. This critical application underpins a facility’s entire operations. As a result, it is essential that the appropriate safeguards are put in place to ensure the application and its data are fully protected and recoverable in the event of a cyber-attack, system outage, data corruption or loss, or major disaster. The capabilities of BridgeHead’s RAPid™ for MEDITECH solution are second to none, giving peace of mind to healthcare IT departments, knowing their MEDITECH EHR is 100% safe. But, the perfect endorsement really comes from the fact that MEDITECH use BridgeHead’s technology for their own data protection, in-house.

“When customers would call up to complain that their backup didn’t work, they’d ask, “what do you use?” and we’d tell them to try BridgeHead Software.”
Phil Polimeno

Director of Corporate Technology, MEDITECH

BridgeHead offers a range of data and system protection products specifically designed for the full range of MEDITECH EHR environments. Working in close collaboration with MEDITECH for over 20 years, these products have been engineered to address:

  • How to overcome the challenges in creating a consistent backup of the MEDITECH database
  • How to reduce the stress of the backup load on overall system performance
  • How to decrease the time it takes to back up the massive number of very small files generated by the EHR application.

Today, BridgeHead’s RAPid for MEDITECH offers the market’s widest range of recovery options, meeting healthcare IT’s objectives and service level agreements, in the event of system failures, data losses and corruptions, or larger disasters. In essence, we help you reduce risk by creating a reliable, recent copy of all your data that can be easily brought back into live production quickly and predictably.

Cyberattack At Mount Graham Regional Medical Center – The Event, The Recovery, The Aftermath

[Duration: 27:21 mins] In this video, Mount Graham’s Justin Millar is interviewed by BridgeHead’s Bobby Edwards, where they discuss the ‘before, during, and after’ of the cyberattack, with a frank and open exploration of ‘what went right?’, ‘what went wrong?’, what lessons were learned, and the resulting change to what Justin describes today as ‘the new normal’! You won’t want to miss this real-world examination of the life of a hospital following a cyber event.


BridgeHead’s Integrated Serverless Backup (ISB) Agent

BridgeHead’s Integrated Serverless Backup (ISB) Agent works directly with the MEDITECH E and the healthcare facility’s storage array to create a consistent ‘Point-in-Time’ copy of the MEDITECH data, which is stored separately, then accessed directly by the BridgeHead server to commence the backup. This protection method ensures that a full copy is both created, then protected, without imposing any load on the MEDITECH production servers during the backup process and, thereby, placing no impact on the performance of the MEDITECH EHR. Backups can be made to directly to tape, disk or any other medium required by the healthcare organization. For recovery, the backup must first be fully restored – this requires the media to be available (often, in order to fully protect the backups that are created, copies must be taken offsite and/or copied to a secondary, secure location – these would need to be retrieved first).

For many healthcare organizations, this provides an adequate, robust protection solution for their MEDITECH environment. However, both BridgeHead and MEDITECH understood that the combined time of tape retrieval and restoring of the data may not be optimum for some organizations who potentially require a much quicker solution.

BridgeHead’s Integrated Disaster Recovery (IDR) Agent

BridgeHead’s Integrated Disaster Recovery (IDR) Backup Agent was born out of a further collaboration between BridgeHead and MEDITECH, primarily as they recognized some healthcare facilities required a solution that would provide quicker data recovery options.

In contrast to ISB, BridgeHead’s MEDITECH IDR Backup Agent makes an extremely quick copy of the MEDITECH data within the storage array itself – largely by leveraging the storage array features of the device in situ (where applicable). In this instance, the IDR Agent makes the copies using space efficient storage array snapshots, where only the changed parts of a volume need to remembered (unchanged data is sought from the original source). This allows multiple copies of the MEDITECH data to be maintained without consuming lots of storage space. Plus, the IDR copies are directly accessible and immediately available from within the storage array, thereby providing a resource for instant recovery. In our experience, most recoveries today are likely to use an IDR copy that can either be instantly restored or that can be provided to MEDITECH to enable them to repair the healthcare facilities’ live system.

Which solution is right for you?

Which solution is right for you?

The easiest way to answer this question is to determine what your Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs), i.e. how far back from the time of disaster you would like to go to restore a backup; and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs), i.e. how long you would like it to take you to restore a backup to an operational status. Where you have more relaxed RPO and RTO requirements, BridgeHead’s ISB Agent would more than suffice. However, if you have demands for more frequent backups or quicker restores, BridgeHead’s IDR Backup Agent is more likely to meet your needs.

Steps to a successful backup of MEDITECH’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) System

Optimized protection for your MEDITECH SCA module

When MEDITECH’s SCA module was introduced to underpin the Electronic Health Record (EHR), it initially created a number of problems for healthcare facilities looking to back up the application. Due to the very large volume of tiny files generated, the nature of those files (they are largely static, i.e. highly unlikely to change and very rarely accessed) and the resulting massive storage requirements, BridgeHead believed there must be a better way to protect the MEDITECH SCA system and data.

With BridgeHead’s Healthcare Data Management Solution (HDM) for MEDITECH SCA, safeguarding your MEDITECH SCA module splits into a two-part process in order that the optimum protection method is used for the respective components of the application – namely combining archiving and backup techniques for best effect.

For the static MEDITECH SCA data, the BridgeHead’s HDM Solution for MEDITECH SCA migrates it to secondary storage utilizing archiving instead of trying to save all data within a backup cycle. We enable you to make multiple copies of individual files onto different media, thereby removing the data from the primary storage and reducing the size of the backup. The remaining system is protected using BridgeHead’s ISB or IDR product, ensuring the entire MEDITECH SCA module is fully protected and easily recoverable in the case of system failures or outages, data losses or corruptions or larger disasters.

“In the short term, BridgeHead’s HDM Solution provides us with the backup and archiving capabilities we need to secure and protect our vital HCIS data, for example. But, as it is a modular solution, it enables us to add components and scale our environment in the most cost-conscious way over the next five years, and beyond, to suit our requirements. As an open, flexible, vendor-agnostic platform, BridgeHead’s HDM Solution will grow with our data whether it’s on servers, tape or even a disk-to-disk system.”
Brian Evans

IT Director, Community Medical Center

BridgeHead’s RAPid™ for MEDITECH Features

BridgeHead’s RAPid for MEDITECH is the industry’s leading solution for the comprehensive protection of the MEDITECH EHR.


Unrivaled Innovation

Unmatched track record for innovation for the protection of MEDITECH solutions, collaborating with MEDITECH themselves on new initiatives for over 22 years


Offering Application-aware Protection

Utilizes a combination of backup and archiving techniques to provide an application-aware protection strategy for systems and their objects

Optimizing Recovery

Provides a better platform for recovery, both in terms of speed, ease of use and reduced data loss


Support For All Certified Storage

The only MEDITECH partner to offer full support for all certified SAN storage arrays, including Pure, HP, Dell/EMC, IBM, NetApp, Nutanix and cloud implementations.


Web Interface For Remote Administration

Provides customers with web access to their RAPid Admin Console for remote viewing of job statuses and the ability to carry out administrative tasks, such as rescheduling backups and restoring data


Working With Existing Backup Tools

Vendor neutrality allows RAPid to work with a healthcare organization’s existing third-party backup products where required

Providing Full Data Management

Part of a suite of solutions for all applications and data in the healthcare organization – reducing costs and administrative burdens


Don’t take our word for it …

“If you are looking for a top provider of data protection solutions in the medical records space that specializes in MEDITECH, BridgeHead is it! BridgeHead’s RAPid Data Protection solution is unlike any out there and provides full integration with all MEDITECH certified SAN arrays. BridgeHead also offers you a dedicated team made up of an account representative and technical support specialists, giving you peace of mind that your mission-critical applications are backed up and recoverable at all times”

Phillip Mues

CIO, Cherry County Hospital


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