RAPid™ for Enterprise

A solution designed specifically to safeguard patient, clinical and administrative applications across the healthcare enterprise.
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Disasters come in many forms. Fires, floods, earthquakes and the like clearly do happen. But, in recent times, cyber-attacks, in the form of malware and ransomware; have become more prevalent in healthcare. And a ‘disaster’ does not have to be characterized by freak natural occurrences. More often than not, it can be as simple as a power outage, system corruption or user error. As healthcare providers increase their technology footprint, it is essential they have a robust protection strategy for their mission critical applications. Should such an event occur, healthcare IT organizations need to be able to restore their systems and data quickly, so as not to impact patient care.

RAPid™ Explainer: a Policy-based Disaster Recovery Solution Optimized for Healthcare

Rapid Explainer

Structure of an Application

Healthcare applications typically consist of data objects, files, databases and services. Each need to be considered for effective protection.

BridgeHead’s RAPid™ for Enterprise solution offers an alternative to traditional backup methods by providing a better approach to safeguarding healthcare data. By recognizing that systems are made up of discrete parts: data objects, files, databases and virtual machines; and that these parts have unique requirements when it comes to their protection, BridgeHead’s RAPid is able to use the right backup methodology for the right job.

As a result, BridgeHead’s RAPid for Enterprise enables healthcare facilities to ensure that their applications and data are sufficiently protected with:

  • Business Continuity – ensuring data is available beyond an outage or disaster for the continued running of healthcare operations
  • Application Resilience and Integrity – avoiding corruption or loss of data to maintain the stability of critical healthcare applications
  • Backup Optimization – providing complete protection for applications and data within reasonable timeframes
  • Backup Leveraging Advanced Storage Technology (BLAST) – leveraging today’s storage technology to provide application consistency
  • Recovery Optimization – separating application and file protection to improve Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO).

How BridgeHead’s RAPid Data Protection Works

BridgeHead’s RAPid Data Protection utilizes a combination of Automated Object Protection (AOP) and System Level Backup (SLB) methods from within a single environment, enabling the easy set-up and management of policies to support the protection and recovery requirements of healthcare applications.


Automated Object Protection

RAPid’s Automated Object Protection (AOP) helps healthcare organizations to optimize the safeguarding of their application’s data objects (typically files), generally recognized as the most difficult resources to secure. It does this by applying policies to ensure that these objects are individually protected and rapidly available in the event of original data corruption or loss.


System Level Backup

RAPid’s System Level Backup (SLB) provides healthcare facilities with the ability to create a complete copy of an entire application (service, database and objects) for rapid recovery should there be a system outage, corruption, loss or disaster. There are multiple methods by which System Level Backups can be carried out (each with its own advantages and disadvantages). Which system is used will depend on the specific use case.

Optimized Application Protection

With BridgeHead’s RAPid, application protection becomes a two-pronged process. Continuous automated policies work to backup the individual data objects as they become eligible for protection. At regular intervals, the System Level Backup is carried out to protect the remainder of the data objects along with the application and services. Because the System Level Backup has less to do, backup windows are greatly reduced and the frequency at which they can be taken is increased – this offers dramatic improvements for both RPO and RTO.

BridgeHead’s RAPid™ for Enterprise Features

BridgeHead’s RAPid for Enterprise solution ensures that applications and data are sufficiently protected and quickly recoverable by:


Improving RPO & RTO

Dramatically improves recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) for 99.9% of healthcare applications


Offering Application-aware Protection

Utilizes a combination of backup and archiving techniques to provide an application-aware protection strategy for systems and their objects


Optimizing Recovery

Provides a better platform for recovery, both in terms of speed, ease of use and reduced data loss


Reducing Storage Footprint

Reduces storage and network requirements through single instancing and compression, combined with deduplication


Web Interface For Remote Administration

Provides customers with web access to their RAPid Admin Console for remote viewing of job statuses and the ability to carry out administrative tasks, such as rescheduling backups and restoring data


Working With Existing Backup Tools

Vendor neutrality allows RAPid to work with a healthcare organization’s existing third-party backup products where required


Providing Full Data Management

Part of a suite of solutions for all applications and data in the healthcare organization – reducing costs and administrative burdens

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