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Driving Better Patient Outcomes

By helping healthcare organizations consolidate vital patient and administrative information, safeguard that information and make it easily available to staff.

Driving Better Patient Outcomes

By helping healthcare organizations consolidate vital patient and administrative information, safeguard that information and make it easily available to staff.


Eliminate your data silos by aggregating patient and administrative information from across the healthcare enterprise.


Safeguard your healthcare data and ensure efficient recovery in the event of cyber attack, loss, corruption or disaster.


Deliver a 360-degree patient view to your staff, with easy eDiscovery and retrieval of a patient’s history.

Are you trying to solve any of these challenges? If so, we can help…

Retire Your Legacy Applications

Retire obsolete or legacy applications while retaining access to the data they contain- saving time, money and resources.

Retire Inherited Ambulatory EMRs

Providing clinicians and administrative staff easy access to the patient data from your acquired primary physician systems.

Manage Your Enterprise Imaging (VNA)

Remove departmental barriers by managing and sharing ALL clinical images from a single, vendor neutral archive.

Consolidate Medical Records For Elite Sports

Helping Elite Sports teams to easily and securely upload, share and review their athletes’ medical records and images.

Backup And Restore Your MEDITECH EHR

Ensure your MEDITECH System (HCIS) is fully protected & recoverable in the event of system failures or larger disasters.

Ensure Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Ensure the continuation of hospital operations in the event of system failure, accidental data deletions or data corruptions.

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IDC MarketScape Global 2018: AICA / VNA Market & Vendor Assessment

New global MarketScape from IDC assesses Application Independent Clinical Archive (AICA) vendors & places BridgeHead Software as a Leader.

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England & Wales Cricket Board Selects HealthStore®

BridgeHead’s Independent Clinical Archive will store, protect & share players’ medical images for easy access by team doctors & specialist clinicians.

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“With HealthStore®, we have proved how simple it is to use the EPR to call radiology images from the Independent Clinical Archive (ICA), so we look forward to replicating this with data from other departments. Moving forward, we will be able to store, protect and share our electronic data in one place, making it a speedier process for the clinician to retrieve data and, thereby, providing more efficient treatment and a better patient experience.”

Niall Canavan
Director of IT and Systems, Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

“BridgeHead’s service is phenomenal. When we call in any issues we’re able to resolve them quickly. They also are very proactive, informing us of any new technology coming out of their service pipeline. BridgeHead helps us look at how we do business, helping us develop best practices as our environment grows.”

Kevin Fernandes
CTO, Humber River Hospital

“The management of elite sport medical data commands the best solutions. We are continually seeking ways to improve the way that we do things. As a result, we have been on a hunt for the right solution to store, protect and share our clinical images. BridgeHead came to us and showed us that the solution we really wanted did exist and that they were the right people to deliver it.”

Damian Smith
Head of IT, England & Wales Cricket Board

“BridgeHead’s cloud-enabled backup and archive allows Good Shepherd Medical Center to protect three times as much data – including the enterprise images that we could not protect before – in the same amount of time. It’s also put us on a path to MEDITECH best practices, which means that if we need their help in recovery they have the expertise to help us where before working with BridgeHead it might not have been that easy.”

Rob Rizk
Director, Information Technology, Good Shepherd Medical Center

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