Cyberattack At Mount Graham Regional Medical Center – The Event, The Recovery, The Aftermath

Back in September 2023, Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center was the victim to a serious ransomware attack. This unexpected assault quickly galvanized Mt. Graham’s incident response team into action. Threat containment, situational assessments, root cause investigations, adapted clinical and business workflows, recovery processes, and more; were all undertaken to return to the facility to full operation in just 11 days. But there was also the less talked about aftermath, such as the hefty administrative burden… the fulfilment and submission of mandatory government reports, media announcements, insurance claims, etc.; the threat of significant fines following the breach from the Department of Health and Human Services; through to the post-event analysis and action plan, such as the roll out of new strategies, processes, and tools to build resilience to deal with modern day cyber warfare.

In this session, Mount Graham’s Justin Millar is interviewed by BridgeHead’s Bobby Edwards, where they discuss the ‘before, during, and after’ of the cyberattack, with a frank and open exploration of ‘what went right?’, ‘what went wrong?’, what lessons were learned, and the resulting change to what Justin describes today as ‘the new normal’! You won’t want to miss this real-world examination of the life of a hospital following a cyber event.

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