Training and Education

Training and Education

BridgeHead Software offers a variety of training and educational options to ensure you are realizing the full value of your BridgeHead solutions. Our training is provided on a case-by-case basis and built to help you understand and manage your particular BridgeHead environment.


Training Methodology

BridgeHead believes that data is the lifeblood of every hospital. Data is the strategic asset that underpins the consulting, diagnoses, referral, and treatment of patients. This philosophy underpins the solutions we provide – enabling our customers to consolidate, store, protect, and share their healthcare data.

In today’s healthcare environment, hospitals manage a wide and varied portfolio of applications and data sources. This complex landscape, coupled with ever-increasing data volumes, means there isn’t one single approach to managing data that works for everyone. As BridgeHead is 100% focused on healthcare, our Professional Services team is able to provide domain-specific knowledge and expertise to guide our customers in solving their unique healthcare data management challenges.

Our Professional Services Engineers work with your IT team to develop bespoke training unique to your implementation. They will then train your staff in best practices, system management, and troubleshooting using your own BridgeHead environment.

“We implemented BridgeHead HDM Solution following an update to our EPR system at the trust. I found the training provided by BridgeHead to be very professional, inclusive and relevant. It was good to have a course that teaches you not only how to use the system, but also helps you to understand how the system functions with all of its components and their interdependencies. I now feel that I am confident in using and troubleshooting the product and look forward to utilising it to its maximum potential.”
Andrew Kilbane

Network and Server Team Manager, The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust

BridgeHead provides a number of instructor-led formats and styles to meet your needs:



This training minimises the disruption caused by traditional training, yet still maintains the benefits of instructor-led learning. It is preferred by hospitals relying on key personnel for their daily activities. Training is delivered in short sessions, spread over a number of days. This allows attendees to perform their core daily activities, whilst gaining the training necessary to increase their productivity.


Onsite Learning

Similar to our e-Learning training, the benefits of Onsite Learning is that a BridgeHead expert will come to your premises to assist your team in understanding how your particular solution works and integrates with your wider environment. Your team will have direct access to your BridgeHead expert for the entire time they are on site.


Train the Trainer

Our BridgeHead experts will train your selected personnel on all functionalities of your HealthStore® or HiPRES™ solution to enable them to train your wider teams. This can be provided either in person, remotely, or by a customized pre-recorded video.

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