“As we continue to expand and potentially acquire other practices, we don’t have to be concerned with how we handle inherited systems and their data. HealthStore is now in place to ingest any patient or administrative information we need that will best serve our physicians and patients: from consultation to diagnosis and treatment; inpatient or outpatient services.”

CIO at Harrison Memorial Hospital

“For the first time, BridgeHead’s HealthStore will allow us to archive, manipulate and share images from other clinical modalities outside Radiology, in such specialities as Cardiology, Ophthalmology and Medical Illustration. I consider this ability as key to the integration of medical imaging in the development and deployment of our new Electronic Patient Record.”

Divisional Clinical Director of Clinical Support Services

“Our clinical health was impacted by the system degradation; both our laboratory and emergency systems were slowing down every night. With BridgeHead ISB, we’ve gone from slowness in the system that impacted our clinical work flow processes, to a constant steady system that supports patient care. Laboratory results are now delivered in seconds, not minutes. So, BridgeHead has made a big impact already.”

Director of Health Informatics, Fraser Health Authority

“We knew BridgeHead could assist us with our immediate imaging data needs in a cost-effective way. However, BridgeHead was also able to help and guide us to take a long-term, strategic view – ensuring we store and manage other healthcare data in the future as we transition to a fully electronic patient record.”

Radiology IT Systems Manager, QE Gateshead

“BridgeHead’s service is phenomenal. When we call in any issues we’re able to resolve them quickly. They also are very proactive, informing us of any new technology coming out of their service pipeline. BridgeHead helps us look at how we do business, helping us develop best practices as our environment grows.”

CTO, Humber River Hospital