Fraser Health Authority

Hospital Profile

  • One of Canada’s largest healthcare authorities, with 12 hospitals
  • Healthcare services range from acute care to community-based, residential, home health, mental health and substance use services and public health services
  • Using BridgeHead Integrated Serverless Backup (ISB) and BridgeHead Integrated Disaster Recovery (IDR) for quick and comprehensive MEDITECH HCIS systems and data protection

Problem Solved

Fraser Health Authority was struggling to capture full, regular and consistent backups of its mission critical MEDITECH Healthcare Information System (HCIS). In addition, the healthcare system was encountering performance and system slow-down issues of the MEDITECH application, specifically when running backups overnight and when protecting specific modules, such as the EMR. With 12 hospitals in the group relying on the MEDITECH solution to deliver quality patient care, Fraser Health knew they needed to tackle its issues head-on.

Fraser Health deployed BridgeHead’s Healthcare Data Management (HDM) Solution as part of its overall system protection and disaster recovery strategy. This allowed it to move from having a high risk profile that was already impacting care provision to a performant, reliable new system, with BridgeHead’s ISB/IDR solution for MEDITECH, that offered a comprehensive and robust system and data protection platform to safeguard their mission critical application.

Why BridgeHead?

  • Best-of-breed protection for Fraser Health’s MEDITECH HCIS environment ensuring the system and associated data is fully safeguarded and recoverable in the event of outage, loss, corruption or more serious disaster
  • Breadth of experience and excellent reputation in the market
  • Confident the BridgeHead team and its solutions could overcome Fraser Health’s specific challenges
“Our clinical health was impacted by the system degradation; both our laboratory and emergency systems were slowing down every night. With BridgeHead ISB, we’ve gone from slowness in the system that impacted our clinical work flow processes, to a constant steady system that supports patient care. Laboratory results are now delivered in seconds, not minutes. So, BridgeHead has made a big impact already.”
Corey Tillyer

Director of Health Informatics, Fraser Health Authority

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