RAPid™ Data Protection

A comprehensive suite of healthcare data protection solutions designed to safeguard patient, clinical and administrative applications and ensure both care and business continuity
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A Robust Protection Strategy To Reduce Clinical, Operational And Financial Risk 

Innovation continues to drive digital transformation in healthcare technology. As new and updated systems are introduced, be they patient-centric, clinical or administrative, it is increasingly important that healthcare organizations implement a robust protection strategy. But not all systems and environments are created equal. And that’s why BridgeHead has designed its RAPid Data Protection suite of products to cater for the wide and varied requirements found across the complex healthcare continuum.

BridgeHead’s RAPid Data Protection Suite For Healthcare & Business Continuity

BridgeHead’s RAPid Data Protection offers healthcare IT teams peace of mind that their critical applications and data are safeguarded and quickly recoverable through a combination of state-of-the-art backup and archiving technologies, as required for the specific system and/or environment. So, should your organization fall foul of a cyber-attack, natural disaster, system outage or corruption, BridgeHead’s RAPid is on hand to minimise risk and ensure the continuation of healthcare operations.

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RAPid™ for

Learn why BridgeHead’s RAPid is the market leader for protecting the MEDITECH Electronic Health Record (EHR) system


RAPid™ for

Learn how BridgeHead’s RAPid for Enterprise can protect your patient, clinical and back-office applications and data


Cloud Backup as a Service

Learn how RAPid CBaaS provides a range of cost effective options to back up your healthcare data to the Cloud


Cloud Backup And Recovery

Learn how RAPid CBaR provides options to back up to, recover and run your healthcare applications in the Cloud


Don’t take our word for it …

BridgeHead’s cloud-enabled backup and archive allows Good Shepherd Medical Center to protect three times as much data – including the enterprise images that we could not protect before — in the same amount of time. It’s also put us on a path to MEDITECH best practices, which means that if we need their help in recovery they have the expertise to help us where before working with BridgeHead it might not have been that easy.”

Rob Rizk

Director, Information Technology, Good Shepherd Medical Center

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