Good Shepherd Medical Center

Hospital Profile

  • Community Hospital in Hermiston, Oregon
  • A progressive, not-for-profit 25-bed hospital
  • BridgeHead ISB/IDR for MEDITECH HCIS and Archive for MEDITECH SCA
  • A private cloud implementation provides disaster recovery under full control of the hospital’s IT team

Problem Solved

Deployed the BridgeHead Software Health Data Management (HDM) platform in a private Cloud as part of its overall disaster recovery strategy.  Implemented by BridgeHead partner INHS, the new disaster recovery environment is helping Good Shepherd to align with MEDITECH best practices.

Why BridgeHead?

  • BridgeHead integrated backup and archive for MEDITECH
  • BridgeHead ISB/IDR and Archive speed of protection and recovery
  • INHS services for exceptional deployment of a private cloud-based DR capability
“BridgeHead’s cloud-enabled backup and archive allows Good Shepherd Medical Center to protect three times as much data – including the enterprise images that we could not protect before — in the same amount of time. It’s also put us on a path to MEDITECH best practices, which means that if we need their help in recovery they have the expertise to help us where before working with BridgeHead it might not have been that easy.”
Rob Rizk

Director, Information Technology, Good Shepherd Medical Center

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