University of Aberdeen (Biomedical Imaging Centre)

Problem Solved

As a world leader in clinical imaging research and clinical trials, the University of Aberdeen’s Biomedical Imaging Centre has increasingly experienced data management challenges. Due to technological advances, today’s medical images are now produced at a significantly higher resolution or dimension; and many now utilise alternative formats to traditional DICOM. As part of the recent development of a next generation MRI scanner, the Centre wanted a way to futureproof the collection, storage and retrieval of its research data that would overcome this challenge.

BridgeHead’s HealthStore® solution was chosen as it offers a secure and standards-based repository for all clinical research images and data. This will enable the multi-disciplinary team of radiographers, radiologists, physicists and life scientists to securely access, view and analyse current and historical diagnostic quality images, as and where they need to, on any approved device. Ultimately, the Biomedical Imaging Centre will securely store and protect an array of data types, from standard DICOM images to paper notes, PDFs and unstructured files. Access to this information enable’s the University of Aberdeen’s researchers to gain more understanding of the causes, mechanisms and consequences of conditions from Alzheimer’s to arthritis ensuring better prevention, diagnostics and treatment.

Why BridgeHead?

  • Unparalleled reputation and experience in the enterprise imaging market
  • HealthStore® provides a best-of-breed clinical image and data repository
  • Enables researchers to move away from ineffective manual storage methods, eliminate data silos and protect data from accidental loss or corruption
  • Provides researchers with a complete view of participants, enabling a better understanding of health challenges and paving the way for new medical discoveries

Organization Profile

  • Fifth oldest university in the English-speaking world, now a global presence in higher education
  • Throughout the centuries, researchers at the University have generated new insights in medicine, science and engineering, law, social sciences, arts and humanities
  • Earned many honours and awards, and has contributed to five Nobel prizes
  • The University’s Biomedical Imaging Centre is a world-leading clinical research imaging facility
  • Facilitates world-leading clinical imaging research and clinical trials; and houses the highest concentration of health and life scientists in Europe
  • It sits within the Foresterhill Health Campus, one of Europe’s largest clinical complexes
  • The Centre will use BridgeHead’s Independent Clinical Archive, HealthStore®, to view, access and analyse medical images to further medical research
“By centrally storing our clinical research data, we’ll be able to easily access and view historical MRI scans and analyse them for changes, allowing us to quickly visualise patterns across studies that might continue for decades. HealthStore’s functionality means we can collate and link participants’ imaging data with other demographic and health data, giving our researchers a complete view of an individual. This not only helps us to fulfil our duty of care to the participant but also enables a better understanding of the important health challenges facing society today and leading the way to new discoveries that will have a transformational impact on medicine and the delivery of healthcare.”
Dr Gordon Waiter,

Senior Lecturer and Director, University of Aberdeen Biomedical Imaging Centre

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