Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust


The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust is responsible for planning and delivering high quality health services and ensuring that local hospital services and specialist treatment are available for local patients who need them and that they offer value for money.


1,800 staff and a budget of £436 million, serving a population of 255,000 people.


United Kingdom: Rotherham and surrounding areas.


  • The Trust aims to deliver £20 million efficiency savings by 2014
  • To improve operational efficiency, cost savings and patient care through the use of IT and technology
  • To deliver ROI, whilst providing a robust, future-proof data management and protection strategy
  • To consolidate and optimize the storage, management and protection of Rotherham’s clinical and administrative data
  • Move to a digitised patient record and ‘paperless’ hospital
  • To achieve all of this in ambitious timescales


Phase One

  • Support the implementation of the trust’s new MEDITECH HCIS system with a comprehensive backup and Disaster Recovery solution

Phase Two

  • The deployment of BridgeHead Software’s file archiving solution helping to move the Trust towards a ‘paperless’ hospital environment
  • Efficiently optimizing, managing and controlling the data resulting from the switch from paper-based to digitised records, making them fully searchable and accessable by hospital staff efficiently and cost effectively
  • The implementation of BridgeHead’s email archiving solution to manage and archive email content for over 1,500 of its Microsoft Exchange users, helping systems run faster, freeing up storage space, reducing storage costs and freeing up staff time away from managing email so they can focus their efforts on patient care.

Phase Three

  • The deployment of its solutions to further support the management and protection of data specifically around clinical services
  • The continued rollout of BridgeHead’s email archiving solution to an additional 2,000 users
  • Assist Rotherham NHS with its planned upgrade from Microsoft Exchange 2003 to 2010
“Clearly for us and other trusts, data protection, security, management and storage are absolutely critical to underpin our wider IT initiatives. This is why our relationship with BridgeHead Software has become so important. BridgeHead specialises only in the healthcare market, so they are well placed to understand our data, our hospital environment and our industry; and we’re delighted with their progress to date. Over the course of this project, we have been really impressed by the wide range of solutions they offer in backup, disaster recovery and archiving, for both clinical and administrative data. Their knowledge of healthcare and the fact that we have easy access to their key personnel, from senior management through to product support, makes them a hugely valuable partner – plus, as their products are vendor agnostic, integration with existing systems is not an issue.”
David Brown

Head of ICT, The Rotherham Nhs Foundation Trust

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