Mount Graham Regional Medical Center

Problem Solved

Mount Graham Regional Medical Center has undertaken multiple hospital acquisitions in recent years, and has inherited a large number of disparate healthcare applications. With continued expansion on the horizon, a safe, secure, and cost-effective data repository was required to extract, store and access patient information at point-of-care.

The Center utilizes HealthStore® to consolidate all historic patient data held in legacy healthcare applications and archive file systems, enabling easy access for healthcare practitioners anytime, anyplace.

Why BridgeHead?

  • Long-standing, strong collaboration between Mount Graham Regional Medical Center and BridgeHead Software spanning more than a decade
  • The broad skills, expertise, and guidance of BridgeHead’s healthcare specialists
  • A secure and highly cost-effective clinical data repository solution tailored to the unique requirements of an expanding medical center
  • Future-proof data management platform that evolves with a fast-growing healthcare organization
  • Point-of-care access to valuable historical data, stored in multiple systems

Organization Profile

  • Community-based Critical Access Hospital in Safford, Arizona
  • Opened more than 48 years ago
  • 25 beds, 550 staff
  • Completed multiple hospital acquisitions
  • Utilizes BridgeHead’s backup and recovery solution, RAPid, and also clinical data repository, HealthStore
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HealthStore® enables the preservation of, and access to, valuable patient data extracted from multiple sources, and mitigates the risks associated with legacy systems. With HealthStore, the historical patient data contained within our legacy systems will not only be retained and efficiently managed, but accessible at the point-of-care via one easy-to-use, cost-effective, and reliable solution. This will help improve clinical workflow and enable better continuity of care for patients.

Justin Millar

Director of Information Technology, Mount Graham Regional Medical Center

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