Star Valley Health

Problem Solved

Star Valley was looking for a partner to implement a data protection solution to safeguard its mission critical EHR data. The solution needed to efficiently backup and recover its patient data in the event of a cyberattack (such as ransomware and malware), system outage, natural disaster and/or planned downtime; allowing the hospital to free up IT staff to focus on other strategic priorities.

Why BridgeHead?

  • For over 20 years, BridgeHead’s RAPid Data Protection has continued to be the market-leader in backup and disaster recovery for MEDITECH environments
  • Comprehensive data protection solution suite for MEDITECH and other hospital IT systems
  • Ability to integrate backup and archiving for optimized protection and recovery
  • Platinum Maintenance Service provides an outsources service to ensure the consistent and efficient protection of the MEDITECH EHR, including remote management and monitoring of the backup process
  • Domain knowledge and experience in healthcare and healthcare IT environments
  • Man years of technical expertise within BridgeHead’s Support and Professional Services team

Organization Profile

  • Critical Access Hospital, serving Star Valley, Wyoming; and the surrounding area
  • 22 beds, 450 staff, serving 19,000 residents
  • Offers 24/7 Emergency Care and has a range of facilities across the region, including clinics, physical therapists, orthopaedics, and a sleep lab.
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“With BridgeHead’s RAPid™ Data Protection, we are safe in the knowledge that, should we experience a cyberattack, system outage, hardware failure, or other unplanned downtime; we can fully restore our EHR data from the backup. We know this is the case as we carry out recovery tests as part of our disaster recovery planning. BridgeHead’s RAPid passed those tests with flying colors.”
Clayton Russell

Systems Administrator, Star Valley Health

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