King’s Daughters Medical Center

Problem Solved

Facing the need to discontinue ongoing payments for their legacy EHR solution and address potential security vulnerabilities linked to an aging system, King’s Daughters Medical Center (KDMC) took action. The diminishing performance, stability, and functionality of their legacy MEDITECH Magic system was impacting both user experience and financial resources. KDMC decided to retire the application, and with the assistance of BridgeHead, successfully migrated their end-of-life EHR system to HealthStore®. This transition ensured easy and secure access to two decades’ worth of historic patient data.

Within a project of this type, data migration is inherently risky and KDMC recognised BridgeHead as experts in the landscape of data migration, confident that the team’s broad experience would deliver valuable transformation.


Why BridgeHead?

  • Industry knowledge and insight of complex healthcare processes
  • Recognised experts in the landscape of application retirement and data migration
  • A shared, strong relationship with CloudWave, a solutions provider for MEDITECH
  • Competent, approachable, and friendly team who turnaround queries swiftly
  • Customizable nature of HealthStore pre, and post-implementation
  • On-demand access to archived and current patient records

Organization Profile

  • Non-profit acute care hospital
  • 1 site, 6 clinics
  • More than 600 staff
  • 60-bed facility
  • Serves a five-county region with a population of 100,000
  • Rural setting
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“We wanted to work with a team with concrete experience in retiring legacy data applications. BridgeHead provides peace of mind, not only knowing that you can show and teach staff how to use HealthStore and feel confident that they will pick it up easily, but the reassurance that everything they need is at their fingertips. I also wanted to ensure the protection of the legacy EHR data and felt very comfortable with the security capabilities that HealthStore provides 

Kevin Kimble

Data Systems Specialist, King's Daughters Medical Center

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