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Jersey aims to be one of the best examples of an effective digitised health and care system in the world, and its implementation of innovative next generation technologies ensures it’s well on track to achieve this kudos.

To accelerate Jersey’s digital health transformation plan, it has embedded a strategy to change the way that healthcare data is generated and accessed.  No longer is accessing medical images a convoluted process, instead health and care professionals can make the best decisions for patients using the imaging data they need at the point of care. 

Ultimately, this will enhance the provision of care for the population of Jersey, in the hospital and in the community. 

Why BridgeHead?

  • Next generation enterprise imaging platform with superior level of functionality and capability
  • Perfectly placed to ensure patients’ medical imagery is accessible securely and safety at the right time and right place
  • Enviable track record of successful implementations in the healthcare space
  • Scalable, flexible solution with the ability to evolve with the Government’s future needs
  • Enables clinical staff fast access to a 360-degree view of patient data at the point of care

Organization Profile

  • Employs approximately 2,500 staff
  • Supports 105,000 residents
  • 1 hospital
  • 13 GP practices
  • Utilises HealthStore® to aggregate, manage, store, and protect medical images from a range of disparate systems
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“…as HealthStore integrates with other primary applications, such as the EPR and PACS; our clinicians can easily access our images, in patient context, all from a single workstation. This gives users one place to go – with just a few clicks, they can get all of the relevant information they need when consulting, diagnosing, or treating a patient.” 

Michael Chambers

Major Programmes Architect, Government of Jersey Health and Community Services

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