Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Problem Solved

The Trust was looking for a platform to store and protect all their clinical images and associated data in a central, enterprise-wide, independent clinical archive (ICA). Their vision was to create an environment where they could share this information across hospital departments (and to neighbouring healthcare organisations), so that it would be accessible and available for use by clinicians, where they needed it, when they needed it.

Bradford used their deadline to exit the national PACS contracts as a catalyst to implement this strategic vision. They partnered with BridgeHead to successfully migrate 27TB of radiology data (all transformed into a non-proprietary industry format), equating to 1.7 million studies / 126m non-proprietary DICOM images into BridgeHead’s ICA (our next generation vendor neutral archive (VNA)) – HealthStore®. By doing this, Bradford has laid the foundations for the Single Patient Record.

A project is already underway to take the same approach with their cardiology data so that it too will be available from within the central archive. Longer term, all the hospital’s medical and non-medical images and other clinical and non-clinical data is also being considered for the archive.

Why BridgeHead?

  • Best-of-breed healthcare specific application and hardware agnostic solutions
  • Full protection for Bradford’s ICA environment ensuring all data within the archive is available to those that need it, where and when they need it
  • Breadth of experience and excellent reputation for customer support (pre- & post- sales)
Bradford Project Team Picture

Hospital Profile

  • 2013-2018 Strategy: “Putting Patients First”
  • ‘Teaching Hospital’ since 2013
  • Became one of the first NHS Foundation Trusts in April 2014
  • 5,000 staff, 1,000 beds, 6 main sites
  • Storage – Dell Compellent
  • Now using BridgeHead’s ICA – HealthStore® for radiology & cardiology data
“For the first time, BridgeHead’s HealthStore will allow us to archive, manipulate and share images from other clinical modalities outside Radiology, in such specialities as Cardiology, Ophthalmology and Medical Illustration. I consider this ability as key to the integration of medical imaging in the development and deployment of our new Electronic Patient Record.”
Dr Jonathan Barber

Divisional Clinical Director of Clinical Support Services, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“Bradford has introduced one of the first truly neutral stores of PACS images in the country. Any Trust looking to exit from the National Programme who wants to effectively manage clinical and non-clinical data across the entire hospital should consider an independent VNA approach.”
Cindy Fedell

Executive Director, Informatics and IT, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“We weighed it up and the trust decided wanted to go down a strategic route, which means that we’ve now got our data stored in true DICOM format. We’re disengaged from any particular supplier, and we have the option in the future to be able to switch application provider.”
Ian White

Project Manager with PACS Exit Experience, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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