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Welcome to BridgeHead Software

An established company of more than 20 years standing, and over 10 years' experience in managing healthcare data, BridgeHead Software is trusted by over 1,200 hospitals worldwide.

Today, BridgeHead Software offers solutions to help healthcare organizations overcome challenges stemming from rising data volumes and increasing storage costs while delivering peace of mind around how to STORE, PROTECT and SHARE critical electronic patient information.

BridgeHead's Healthcare Data Management (HDM) solution is designed to work with any hospital’s chosen applications and storage hardware, regardless of vendor, providing greater choice, flexibility and control over the way data is managed, now and in the future.

Latest News

News – BridgeHead RAPid Protect Service

In this article, StorageNewsletter covers BridgHead's announcement of its RAPid™ Protect Service - a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering for small hospitals. RAPid helps healthcare organisations improve their data protection methods and strategies without incurring high up-front costs.

Press Release – BridgeHead RAPid™ Protect Service Removes Cost and Pain from Healthcare Data Management

For an affordable monthly fee, BridgeHead installs, monitors, upgrades and manages hospital backup and archive solutions

Latest Blog

Balancing the cost and staff requirements of data protection

For over a year BridgeHead has offered its customers backup and recovery managed services as an add-on service level. For a single monthly fee, BridgeHead bundles this service with the software and installation services required to provide an end-to-end complete data protection solution. BridgeHead will quickly protect a customer’s data, and keep the trains running, day in and day out.  

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Much Ado About Unstructured Data? #HealthIT