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BridgeHead ISB/IDR

As a MEDITECH hospital, your patients and staff rely on you to make HCIS data available at all times - even during unforeseen disasters, system failures, and data corruption events. While there is some flexibility re-establishing normal operations during the unexpected, you need to know that a reliable, recent copy of all your data can be easily brought back into live production quickly and predictably.

To help you achieve that goal, MEDITECH and BridgeHead Software jointly created Integrated Serverless Backup and Integrated Disaster Recovery (ISB/IDR) to provide a comprehensive solution for the backup and disaster recovery of your HCIS.

ISB/IDR is the only MEDITECH-certified approach for data protection and disaster recovery in a SAN environment.

HT Backup for MEDITECH (ISB/IDR) employs a unique method for automatically creating consistent point-in-time copies of MEDITECH data that can be either backed up or replicated to secondary storage.