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Training and Education

BridgeHead Software offers a range of training and education options to cater for all of our customers' needs. Whether you or your staff are new to BridgeHead products, need a refresher course, or require something more tailored, BridgeHead Software has a solution.

BridgeHead, the leader in Healthcare Data Management (HDM), offers training on HDM foundation principles along with specialty courses tailored to specific applications and platforms. For a complete list of the HDM courses available to our customers, Read More>>

On-site training services – site-specific course

A BridgeHead Software Professional Services Engineer will come to your facility in order to provide comprehensive, in-depth training of how to get the most out of your BridgeHead solution. This is a structured, formal training class including both classroom and real-world exercises. Professionally created and prepared materials are included for up to 5 attendees. It is recommended for both brand new BridgeHead hospitals as well as for existing customers.

Online training services – site-specific course

Similar to the on-site class, this course is delivered using a web-based tool, but covers identical content and material. Because it is online, it provides hospital administrators with the added flexibility in that it can be delivered over as many as 4 days, allowing your staff to better stay on top of the day-to-day needs of the business. It also eliminates the need to budget for any travel expenses normally associated with a similar on-site engagement. This course is primarily recommended for existing customers looking to provide refresher training or to train multiple new individuals within a larger staff.

Online training services – public course

This course covers similar material to the courses summarized above, but is 'open to the public' to all current BridgeHead hospital customers. This is an excellent and cost-effective option for those sites looking to expose new IT administrators to BridgeHead products or perhaps get refresher training for 1 or 2 individuals. Multiple administrators from more than one hospital will participate via a virtual class room in these courses. For a list of courses scheduled for the upcoming two quarters, Read More >>

For more information on any of these BridgeHead Software training courses or to register to attend, simply email us.

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