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Your Data Protected

The pressures of rising data volumes are dramatically impacting healthcare IT's ability to secure and protect their valuable patient information. This upsurge results from all manner of clinical and administrative sources, such as the creation of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), the scanning of patient documents in the move toward ‘paperless’ environments, the increase in clinical images and the prevalence of office and administration tools and the files they create such as email, spreadsheets and the like. But the dependency on such information by hospitals has placed enormous pressure on healthcare IT in terms of securing and protecting it so that it can be quickly and easily recovered in the event of system outage, data loss and corruption or disaster.

A recent survey suggests that 30% of storage worldwide is now consumed by healthcare - with analysts predicting further growth in the future.

  • Are you struggling to complete backups of your hospital’s systems?
  • Are you forced to pick and choose which data to secure in light of shrinking backup windows?
  • When did you last test your recovery plan? What were the results?
  • Are you confident you could quickly restore key systems and to the right point in time?
  • Find yourself spending time restoring files from corruption or accidental deletion by users?
  • Can you restore quickly at the file-level or do you have to do a full system restore first?

BridgeHead's Healthcare Data Management (HDM) solution provides hospitals with the ability to PROTECT all of their clinical and administrative systems and data. Whether it's data types such as PDFs of scanned patient documents, DICOM images from PACS or email through to systems such as file systems, HIS, virtual servers, operating systems, databases or email systems, the HDM solution has been designed to provide fully comprehensive protection and recovery capabilities specifically for healthcare environments.

Protect: Features and Benefits

If you would like to discuss how BridgeHead Software can help, contact us and we'd be delighted to share some ideas.