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Blog  –  02 September 2014

IHE, Hard at Work Solving Healthcare’s Big Data Dilemma

In this article, I will introduce an organization that is working to resolve these issues in healthcare: Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise” or “IHE” for short.

Blog  –  18 July 2014

Much Ado About Unstructured Data?

Unstructured data is data that is stored in files rather than databases.  It is unstructured in that it is generally not organized for easy access.  There may be an application database with links to the files on disk that allows easy access from the application, but otherwise, application access is much more difficult

Blog  –  05 June 2014

Why We Do What We Do In Healthcare Data Management

Independence in selecting and maintaining applications that work best for hospitals is critical for healthcare. Enabling data to migrate easily between application versions and brands is an essential part of BridgeHead’s HDM mission. Likewise, ensuring no vendor lock-in with storage is an essential part of BridgeHead’s storage-agnostic stance and a key benefit for health IT teams working with BridgeHead.

Blog  –  16 May 2014

Storage Cost Versus Clinical Performance

Due to the proliferation of data in hospital environments, the challenge IT managers face right now is to balance storage cost versus clinical performance. Recently, BridgeHead’s Solutions Consultant, Shaun Smale explored this very subject and the resulting research was featured in the publication StorageNewsletter. This blog explores the key findings. Read more »

Blog  –  29 April 2014

Interview with an IT Director at Mary Rutan Hospital

Mary Rutan hospital recently made the decision to expand its BridgeHead deployment, with enterprise backup and recovery protection along with our integrated StoreOnce deduplication. Read this interview to learn why BridgeHead remains the vendor of choice for this award-winning hospital.

Blog  –  14 April 2014

Interview with NetApp Strategic Alliances Manager for Healthcare; Focus on MEDITECH

Simplifying storage and data management for hospitals is a top priority for Charles Mallio, Strategic Alliances Manager for Healthcare at NetApp. To further this goal, Charlie leverages his track record of experience working with MEDITECH to help NetApp shape ideal storage solutions for healthcare, now and in the critical transformative years to come.

Blog  –  08 April 2014

BridgeHead’s View: Key Trends in Health IT and What’s Coming in 2014

Increasing patient-centric care with better access to all hospital data, combined with lowering the cost-basis for storing and retaining data for hospitals are twin themes of the HDM 13b release. Steve Matheson, VP of Product Management at BridgeHead, shares his view of how key features in 13b help to advance these strategic hospital goals.

Blog  –  31 March 2014

Laying the foundations for your Electronic Patient Record

BridgeHead Software’s Tony Tomkys will be attending the Healthcare Strategy Forum on 1st and 2nd April in Windsor and will present a session on Electronic Patient Record (EPR) projects. Read more »

Blog  –  11 March 2014

New HealthStore for FlexPod: A better data and storage management solution for hospitals

In this guest blog, John Rollason of NetApp, explains why healthcare organisations need a more efficient and more integrated solution to deal with all their critical data and ever growing information. Read more »

Blog  –  26 February 2014

New NIST Cybersecurity Framework and HITECH Meaningful Use Regulations Affect Healthcare Outlook

Hospitals continue to be affected by Federal regulations and standards, including the new Cybersecurity Framework introduced by NIST this month. Congress is also considering added changes for HITECH, to bolster requirements for EHR interoperability as part of Meaningful Use Stage 3 in 2017.

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