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InterSystems Caché Backup

InterSystems Caché ® is an advanced high-performance object database at the heart of many hospital applications, including Electronic Medical Records (EMR) applications from Epic Systems, Allscripts, GE Healthcare, McKesson, Siemens, Quadramed and Sunquest. Finding an integrated solution for protection of Caché databases which is also designed to meet the unique requirements and constraints of hospital environments is a tough challenge.

BridgeHead Data Protection Suite for Caché is an integrated backup and recovery solution that provides rapid and reliable protection for all of your Caché databases. This solution includes two backup agents which support the two alternative backup modes designed alongside Caché to provide best-fit approaches for both small and large hospital environments. The solution also offers flexible options for working with Caché’s internal protection capabilities, operating in concert at local and remote sites to extend protection to disaster recovery locations. Selecting the BridgeHead solution enables hospitals to meet the protection guidelines specified by vendors of hospital applications which embed Caché.

As with all BridgeHead solutions, Data Protection for Caché is built on the Healthcare Data Management (HDM) platform foundation, which means that it works seamlessly with all of the other solution components which BridgeHead offers to manage hospital data.

Key Features

  • Simple, consistent, predictable process for protection and recovery of EMR and other hospital application data in accordance with vendor guidelines
  • Protection and simplified process for all levels of recovery, including: Caché database journal files, database objects, .DAT files, entire databases, storage systems, and entire hospital datacenters
  • Option for off-host processing to ensure optimized performance for hospital applications during backup operations
  • Assured application-consistent capture of hospital data stored in Caché databases
  • Two backup agents, BLAST and Caché online, to enable best use of SAN-attached and direct-attached storage environments
  • Freedom to select and combine heterogeneous storage options
  • Recoverability from small and large-scale outages, with the potential for combined local and remote protection capabilities
  • Built on the BridgeHead HDM platform to enable full integration with other BridgeHead backup and archive agents

For more information on how BridgeHead’s engineered solution for data protection of Cache databases can benefit your hospital application, please download the BridgeHead Data Protection Suite for Caché Databases datasheet.