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File Archiving

With healthcare data rising at such dramatic rates, hospitals are increasingly struggling to contain their storage footprint and the expense that goes with managing vast quantities of data on expensive tier 1 devices.

BridgeHead’s File Archiving Agent enables healthcare organizations to design and implement policies to identify content that could be better or more efficiently managed. Typically this involves removing older content from primary storage systems to a lower tier, less expensive storage environment. The File Archiving Agent ensures that users or applications are unimpeded by this relocation of data by honoring any previous links to that content - with no loss of performance or functionality. The File Archiving Agent also ‘arranges’ content more efficiently and applies full text and meta-data indexing for rapid discovery at a later date.

Fig 1. The File Archiving Agent Management Console in action for easy administration.

Key Features

  • Archiving Agents available for Windows, Linux & NetApp
  • Works alongside Windows, Linux & NetApp Backup
  • Agents to optimise backup cycles
  • Simple, effective policy engine to locate and action items
  • Supports virtual files for maximum efficiency when integrating with applications
  • Freespace monitor to reclaim space from archived files, when required
  • Full content indexing for over 250+ document types
  • Web GUIs for easy content searching
  • Creates data profile reports
  • Limited support for other file systems (e.g. Netware)
  • Inbuilt retention management & legal hold policy engine
  • Integrates with BridgeHead's HDM Platform & shares resources with other BridgeHead Agents

For more information, please download the BridgeHead File Archiving Agent datasheet.

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