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Healthcare Data Management (HDM) Platform

BridgeHead’s Healthcare Data Management (HDM) Solution helps hospitals overcome the challenges they face regarding data and storage management - particularly around the information explosion and the impact this data growth is having on healthcare IT departments in terms of their operations, efficiency, effectiveness and cost.

The HDM Solution is underpinned by the Healthcare Data Management Platform which is the common element to all BridgeHead solutions and contains the base functionality that is used in conjunction with the BridgeHead Agents to transform and transport data to its final destination. It can minimize storage capacities through technologies such as compression and de-duplication, secure data using encryption, and has the ability to connect to any media whether disk, cloud, tape, optical or VTL, irrespective of vendor.

The HDM Platform provides the heartbeat of BridgeHead’s STORE, PROTECT, SHARE vision and offers true optimization and security for a hospital’s data.

Fig 1. The core HDM Platform and its data management functions.

Key Features

  • Underpins BridgeHead’s Healthcare Data Management infrastructure
  • Manages all healthcare data using archiving and backup data enablers
  • Provides centralised control of data and the connectivity to the BridgeHead Agents
  • Is aware of all of the available target storage devices and media types
  • Interfaces between the BridgeHead Data Agents and the target storage
  • Controls robotic devices e.g. tape libraries
  • Full auditing and reporting
  • Offers a scalable and flexible architecture
  • Integrates with BridgeHead Data Agents

For more information, please download the BridgeHead HDM Platform datasheet.