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Your Data Shared

One of the top priorities for many hospitals is to have the ability to share data. However, data sharing is frought with complexity; issues that need to be resolved before content can be accessed and re-used, e.g., challenges around security and access control, data validation and authentication, search and retrieval of data, and adherence to healthcare data standards.

Once a hospital can effectively and efficiently store and protect it's data in a centrally managed environment, sharing content becomes a lot less problematic.

BridgeHead's Healthcare Data Management (HDM) solution provides hospitals with the capability to SHARE their clinical and administrative data across systems and departments, with other hospitals, as well as enabling secondary use of content with 3rd party organizations, e.g., for clinical research. The HDM solution supports healthcare data standards such as XDS, XDS-i and HL7, ensuring that interoperability can occur. This, combined with the fact that the HDM solution centrally manages and protects all of a hospital's data, ensures hospitals have all of the foundations in place to facilitate effective data sharing.

Share: Features And Benefits

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