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DICOM Archiving (Medical Image)

Within healthcare organizations, the fastest growing area in terms of data is medical images. And no more is this evident than DICOM images from PACS. As data volumes increase, hospitals continue to wrestle with some of their largest data management challenges in terms of storage, protection and sharing.

BridgeHead’s DICOM Archiving Agent (also known as (DICOMStore™) helps hospitals overcome the issues they face around the accessibility and interoperability of their healthcare data, making it easier for future migrations, while reducing the TCO of their existing storage infrastructure. The Agent provides a standards-based interface to allow all DICOM compliant systems within an organization to use a centralized storage facility for DICOM data. It supports standard DICOM methods (such as C-Store and C-Find) in order to interact with BridgeHead’s underlying Healthcare Data Management (HDM) Platform. The DICOM Archiving Agent is also a core component of BridgeHead’s Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) solution.

Fig 1. An example of BridgeHead's DICOM Archiving Agent at work within a PACS environment.

Key features:

  • Standards-based implementation of DICOM 3.0
  • Published DICOM conformance statement from BridgeHead (available on request)
  • Creates and maintains a meta-database of all content residing in the BridgeHead repository allowing rapid search
  • DICOM Part 10 storage format, placing meaningful content on disk with the option to have additional security and efficiency policies applied (e.g. encryption)
  • DICOM Storage Commit mechanism ensures data governance across disparate systems
  • Integrates with BridgeHead’s XDS solutions, specifically XDSi (including WADO)
  • Tag translation capabilities
  • Supports pre-fetch and demographic updates
  • Offers a variety of custom API’s to use non-DICOM methods to access images
  • Provides full auditing
  • Integrates into BridgeHead’s HDM platform for comprehensive data protection and storage management