ASHTEAD, UK AND WOBURN, MA – July 19, 2012 – BridgeHead Software today announced that its Healthcare Data Management (HDM) Solution successfully passed the European Connectathon for Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) in Bern, Switzerland.

During the course of the Connectathon, over 2,800 tests for the interoperability of 120 medical information systems were performed by 85 companies at the five-day, “marathon” testing environment. BridgeHead Software’s XDS repository and ancillary systems were tested alongside 24 other healthcare IT systems to demonstrate enterprise wide healthcare collaborative potential.

Niall Monaghan, IHE-UK SC Co-Chair commented: “Passing through the Connectathon has enabled BridgeHead to validate its integration statement. You can clearly see on our website that BridgeHead has completed the required tests to conform to a selection of IHE profiles. As a result, customers and potential customers can be confident in BridgeHead’s ability to provide interoperable data management solutions, using the IHE XDS profiles they tested against.”

“With the increase in the adoption of the XDS standard by hospitals in general (not just in radiology, as is often perceived), it is essential that software vendors step up to the mark and ensure their products are fully compatible so that all patient data can be shared,” said John McCann, Director of Marketing, BridgeHead Software. “BridgeHead continues to support IHE. Our research and development in XDS, and our successful completion of the Connectathon, proves our continued dedication and commitment to enabling interoperability across a hospital’s IT environment.”

BridgeHead Software’s HDM Solution enables hospitals to increase the quality of patient care by harnessing all clinical and administrative data, ensuring that it is: STORED, efficiently, intelligently and at optimum cost; PROTECTED from misuse, corruption and loss; and can be SHARED between users, applications, departments or other hospitals, making vital patient information accessible to the people that need it.

Jamie Clifton, Director of Product Management at BridgeHead Software, commented: “We’re very happy to have had such a successful session at IHE this year and to have seen such positive results for our HDM solution at the Connectathon. Our customers need total trust in our products and their ability to integrate and collaborate with other healthcare systems. The rigor and depth of testing offered by the Connectathon provides another level of gravitas to our solutions and we’re fortunate to have taken part.”

Niall concluded, “Completing and passing the 2012 Connectathon definitely boosts BridgeHead’s credibility in this space especially as integration and collaboration are absolutely key to working in healthcare. Additionally, we’re excited that BridgeHead will be participating more actively in IHE as a vendor, contributing to meetings and our UK healthcare strategy. As a member, they can join the discussion as to where the future lies and help us shape it.”