WOBURN, MA – August 6th, 2012 – BridgeHead Software today announced that Howard County Medical Center (HCMC), a critical access hospital in St. Paul, Nebraska, has selected BridgeHead’s Healthcare Data Management (HDM) Solution to protect and manage its rapidly proliferating patient data. HCMC selected BridgeHead after consulting with two system integrators, each of whom had independently recommended BridgeHead as the best-in-class data backup and archiving solution for healthcare organizations.

HCMC CIO, Mike Brady, chose BridgeHead’s HDM solution because it provides a robust platform for the protection and recovery of his critical patient record system, using both backup and archiving techniques. In case of a disaster, system outage, data loss, corruption or other untoward event, BridgeHead HDM will enable HCMC to quickly get back online, minimizing any degradation of patient care.

BridgeHead’s Software’s HDM Solution enables hospitals to increase the quality of care by harnessing all clinical and administrative data, ensuring that it is: STORED efficiently, intelligently and at optimum cost; PROTECTED from misuse, corruption and loss; and can be SHARED between users, applications, departments or other hospitals, making vital patient information accessible to the people who need it.

BridgeHead’s HDM solution enables Howard County Medical Center to implement a more cost-effective approach to data management and segregate our data so that frequently changing dynamic data is scheduled for regular backups while the majority of static data is stored in a less expensive, secure data archive,” said Mike Brady, CIO at Howard County Medical Center. “This eliminates the need to constantly purchase more hardware and ensures that our data policy is in regulatory compliance.

BridgeHead Software recognizes that Howard County Medical Center has taken a strategic approach to the challenge of expanding volumes in its healthcare data,” said Mike Ball, BridgeHead Software senior vice president, North America. “Not only will the BridgeHead HDM solution answer their immediate needs, but it also will provide Howard County with an economic and scalable solution that will meet their future data management requirements beyond the patient record system.

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