Sometimes we can learn a thing or two from our colleagues overseas when it comes to healthcare. Take for example, Singapore, who it seems is leading the way in innovation by providing first class patient care with the experience of a luxury hotel – where patients can re-cooperate from procedures in a spa like retreat! Farrer Park Hospital will be the first to offer healthcare using this new model and will also be the first in the region, in 30 years, to build a hospital from the ground up. This has enabled them to incorporate and effectively integrate the tremendous advances in hospital design and medical technology that have transformed the global healthcare industry in the past three decades. It was after MEDITECH were approached by Farrer Park to purchase its Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution that BridgeHead was first introduced with regard to providing the hospital with complete protection for all of its data. It’s exciting times ahead for BridgeHead and a great way to kick off 2013. We look forward to seeing the progress Farrer Park makes. Hopefully there will be some practices that our healthcare colleagues on this side of the pond will choose to adopt to ensure the ultimate patient wellbeing experience.

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