By Mike Ball

National Health IT week is an annual event promoted by HIMSS. The purpose of this week of collaborative events is educational, with the intention of helping to “educate industry and policy stakeholders on the value of health IT for the US healthcare system.” Over 250 organizations participate in this event across the country, including BridgeHead Software. NHIT 2013 will offer some valuable educational activities as health IT professionals prepare for what promises to be a transformative year in 2014.

At BridgeHead, we are 100% focused on the unique requirements and constraints of healthcare IT. We try to take an educational approach with everything that we do, to offer health IT professionals with access to the unique expertise around data management, which our technical team provides. During NHIT week, we thought it was a good opportunity for us to revisit the ways in which we offer that access and perhaps provide a few new venues, as well.

Interactive Forums Expanded with New LinkedIn Group and Forum

BridgeHead has an active social media presence using Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook. We encourage our community to interact with us in any and all of these ways. In addition, we have now created two new opportunities for further collaborative interaction:

  • New LinkedIn group called Healthcare Data Management (HDM) Professionals, open to any health IT professional working at a BridgeHead hospital. This group has been established to enable free exchange of information among HDM trained professionals, BridgeHead technical experts, and any health IT professionals working at BridgeHead hospitals.
  • New social forum at , in which BridgeHead will offer featured blogs and webinars on educational topics. Coming soon in that forum is a webinar featuring Chris Welch on Disaster Recovery of MEDITECH environments. For those of you who might have missed it at MUSE this year, Chris will reprise his talk and be available for questions in the forum. To receive notification of this upcoming event, make sure that you “Friend” BridgeHead in the forum.

We hope that you continue to benefit from all of the interactive forums in which BridgeHead participates on social media. We are open to your suggestions and requests as well, so please continue to engage with us as we get ready for 2014 with NHIT week in 2013!