By Mike Ball

This week, BridgeHead is pleased to unveil a sizable list of new technical training courses on Healthcare Data Management (HDM), which are available to the public. We have revamped our training to focus on the critical application environments which exist within hospitals, such as:

  • EMR applications built on InterSystems Caché ® databases
  • Scanned image applications such as Horizon Patient Folders
  • Microsoft Exchange environments, including Active Directory, SQL Server, and SharePoint
  • Oracle databases
  • PACS imaging systems
  • Other hospital applications, including Dr First, Picis Surgical Services, eClinicalWorks, and MedHost

For more information or to register for an upcoming training course, visit the BridgeHead website.

Skills development is critical for IT professionals working in healthcare due to the rapid evolution of hospital infrastructure and growth of clinical data.

Recognition of HDM Training Introduced

Along with our revamped training courses, we are introducing a HDM Professionals program to recognize the health IT professionals whom have completed training on HDM with BridgeHead.

Why do this? BridgeHead supports the critical role of health IT professionals, often overlooked within a hospital. In healthcare, the importance of the role of clinicians as healthcare providers is undisputed. However, modern medicine and high quality patient care depends, as well, on high quality applications and data – which are put in place, managed, and maintained by health IT professionals. In short, the partnership between clinicians and health IT is essential to enable better treatment and outcomes for patients.

The new HDM Professional program is intended to accomplish a few things, in support of the critical role of health IT, including:

  • Help to educate healthcare systems on the critical role of health IT professionals
  • Help to raise awareness across the general market of the cutting-edge role of data management in modern healthcare
  • Facilitate the process of introducing health IT professionals to each other, and enabling meaningful exchange of ideas and information
  • Provide hospitals with a means by which to gage the level of knowledge and experience of their own IT staff members on HDM, as well as that of applicants
  • Provide earned recognition of the investment that health IT professionals make in skills development, to encourage and support more of the same

How will the HDM Professionals program work?

All administrators whom have completed training with since January 2011 will be provided with HDM Professional award levels. The level of recognition provided along with this, is suitable for insertion in LinkedIn profiles and on email signature lines, and for use in other social media.
To recognize and encourage those whom have invested more time in training, BridgeHead now offers three recognition levels:

  • Level I, for those whom have completed foundational courses on Healthcare Data Management
  • Level II, for those whom have also received training on either backup or archive of a particular hospital applications
  • Level III, for those whom have received training on the unique benefits of an integrated backup and archive approach to HDM for hospital applications

Recognition materials will be sent to administrators over the next few weeks. To make sure that you receive yours, please contact BridgeHead at:

Also, stay tuned for additional opportunities provided to HDM Professionals by BridgeHead: we will make announcements on social media, in this blog, and via email in the coming months.