By Stephen Matheson, Vice President, Product Management and North American Sales, BridgeHead Software

With the issue of disaster recovery continuing to keep many hospital C-level execs up at night, I developed a piece for the industry’s premier publication on business continuity planning – Disaster Recovery JournalThe article examines what hospitals can do to ensure their IT infrastructure and, by extension, important patient data, are fully protected. I also touch upon the added benefits that forward-thinking hospitals gain beyond security by retiring legacy applications including freeing up dollars, IT staff time, and most importantly, freeing up data that can help providers make more informed care decisions. Helping safeguard a hospital’s data in the event of a system failure, cyberattack or natural disaster is a pressing one for us at BridgeHead and our RAPid™ Application Protection solution, which provides healthcare organizations optimized data protection and recovery for any application. My Disaster Recovery Journal article can be found by clicking here. You can also contact me directly at for more information on how BridgeHead Software can help you optimize your hospital’s system and data protection environment.