By John McCann, Senior Director of Marketing, BridgeHead Software

For the past 17 years, BridgeHead Software has helped MEDITECH customers worldwide manage and protect their healthcare data. During that span, our offerings have complemented the MEDITECH Health Care Information System (HCIS) with back up, disaster recovery and archiving solutions that provide peace of mind to hospitals, safe in the knowledge their patient data is fully safeguarded in the event of a system outage, data corruption or loss, or major disaster. This long-standing relationship is something we’re very proud of at BridgeHead Software. But, the perfect endorsement really comes from the fact that MEDITECH uses BridgeHead’s technology for its own data protection, in-house.

New Whitepaper: Healthcare Data Management for MEDITECH

As we look ahead to many more years of this strategic partnership, I’m pleased to share the release of our latest whitepaper: Healthcare Data Management for MEDITECH; which discusses the many reasons why BridgeHead Software is the vendor of choice for the comprehensive data management and protection of MEDITECH’s Health Care Information System. We feel it’s important to tell our customers, current and future, about our continued investment and effort to ensure our solutions not only meet, but exceed their needs and expectations. This whitepaper outlines many of the new features of the BridgeHead solution as well as explaining how the underlying platform can be easily extended to address many other challenges hospitals face around the access and availability of healthcare information across their organizations.

In addition to its pure MEDITECH offerings, the whitepaper explores how BridgeHead’s Health Data Management Solution can be leveraged to assist in the data and storage management of other areas within a hospital – all managed from the same environment. These include backup of virtual servers (VMware and Hyper-V) as well as file and system protection of other healthcare and non-healthcare applications and data, such as databases, operating systems, and unstructured data.

Further, BridgeHead’s Independent Clinical Archive, HealthStore®, (also built on BridgeHead’s Healthcare Data Management Platform) offers a standards-based, central repository to store, protect and share data that typically doesn’t find its way into the MEDITECH HCIS, such as (but, not limited to) medical images; data from legacy, deprecated or duplicated systems; and information from clinical or ancillary systems where there is no corresponding MEDITECH module. HealthStore can then present this data back to the MEDITECH HCIS ‘in context’, allowing all MEDITECH users to benefit from a deeper, richer patient information source, all surfaced in the same environment.

Wrap these offerings in a rich services portfolio, including BridgeHead’s Platinum Maintenance Service for the outsourced management of BridgeHead’s backup and archiving environment, combine it with first-class support from a dedicated team, and BridgeHead provides a great recipe for healthcare data management for hospitals who have invested in the MEDITECH HCIS.

Please feel free to download the whitepaper: Healthcare Data Management for MEDITECH. And if you have any comments, feedback or would like more information on BridgeHead’s MEDITECH Protection solutions, you can reach me at