A physician’s ability to access historical patient information is an important part of providing value-based care. However, older information which is often still housed in older EMRs, or other applications and media, still has value, for both patient care as well as for regulatory reasons. The problem, then, is how to store, protect and share that information in a way it remains readily accessible, available and readable even as technology changes. This ongoing dilemma is what lead our Senior Product Manager, North America, Tim Kaschinske, to pen a piece for ‘EMR & EHR’ on how an independent clinical archive is the solution for helping healthcare organizations bring the complete patient record together from across disparate sources into a holistic view accessible by clinicians and other staff at the point of care.

Read Kaschinske’s piece on how an ICA can revolutionize the way physicians find all of the data they need, quickly and within their normal workflows.

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