Patients are the sum of their conditions and their experiences, both of which play vital roles in making diagnoses. However, patients by themselves shouldn’t be relied upon to voluntarily
supply information about current medications, past surgeries, recent tests/procedures and chronic conditions by themselves. Often, this crucial information physicians need already exists
across multiple information technology systems that don’t “talk” to one another or are stored on a legacy system used so infrequently that no one readily remembers the password.

To help address this pressing issue, our Vice President, Product and Sales, Stephen Matheson contributed a piece for Internet Health Management which explores how an independent clinical
archive (ICA) can provide a complete patient record that gives providers actionable information precisely when they require it by bringing disparate information stored across multiple systems into one central repository and in a common language. From that platform, clinicians can access the information they need using the same workflows they previously have to understand their patients better and make more-informed decisions. Read Matheson’s complete article on how an ICA can help information which already exists across multiple information technology systems to “talk” to one another so physicians can get what they need resulting in better diagnoses and patient care.

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