BridgeHead’s global partnership with Summit Healthcare brings together complementary solutions and services for the migration, consolidation, access and interoperability of healthcare data.

WOBURN, MA – 17 March 2020 – BridgeHead Software, the leader in healthcare data management, today announced a strategic partnership with Summit Healthcare, a leader in healthcare system integration and automation. Together, the two companies are able to further extend their reach within the healthcare market by offering complementary solutions and services that help IDNs, health systems and independent hospitals to extract and consolidate data across their organizations and exploit that information to improve clinical, operational and financial efficiencies.

As the global healthcare industry continues its drive towards digital transformation, hospitals are increasingly looking to leverage patient, administrative and financial data to enhance operations and to deliver high quality care. Both BridgeHead and Summit Healthcare operate exclusively in the healthcare market; and both focus on data, though from different perspectives.

BridgeHead’s HealthStore® solution enables organizations to consolidate, store, protect, and provide access to all healthcare data that does not typically reside in the Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) for clinical and operational needs. This includes medical images that are scattered throughout the enterprise (from radiology, cardiology, dermatology, wound care, the ER, etc.) or healthcare information, such as clinical reports, financial data, and even employee information; that may be stored in older systems running within a hospital.

HealthStore provides an enterprise-class, secure, standards-based, central repository for this data, available to those that need it, when they need it, whether accessed directly or through a hospital’s primary system (such as an EHR, PACS, clinical portal, etc.).

Summit Healthcare offers cutting-edge integration, data exchange, workflow automation, and business continuity solutions. Summit Healthcare’s strength in healthcare and healthcare data has allowed the company to develop a range of best-of-breed products and services that systematize and automate data movement and migration, whilst still maintaining the integrity of the information (whether patient identities or demographic data), regardless of the complexity of the originating system(s).

Summit Healthcare’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) not only improves business processes, operational efficiencies, expenses, and productivity, but it does it in a fraction of the time it would take staff and mitigates human error, freeing staff for more cognitive work efforts.

Mike Ball, Chief Business Development Officer at BridgeHead Software, explains: “We’re delighted to partner with Summit Healthcare. It’s a perfect match. When a healthcare organization needs to aggregate data from across a hospital or group of facilities, Summit Healthcare is able to offer comprehensive data automation to quickly and accurately extract that information. BridgeHead immediately ingests and indexes that information into the HealthStore repository, where it is stored, protected and made available to users either through their EHR system, ‘in patient context’, or directly through an intuitive web portal. The combined offering delivers a true 360-degree patient view that will improve patient outcomes, decrease treatment cost, reduce risk and improve operational efficiencies.”

Jim McKinnon, President at Summit Healthcare, commented: “Our relationship with BridgeHead has developed out of mutual respect: respect for each other’s healthcare experience and expertise; respect for each other’s leading-edge technology; and, most importantly, the respect that has developed between our staff. As a result, those who will derive the most benefit from this partnership are our customers. Summit Healthcare and BridgeHead not only understand the benefits that our joint offering can provide to healthcare organizations, but we are single-minded in our goal to deliver value for the betterment of patient care and improving the efficiency of hospital operations.”

Are you looking to extract, consolidate, store and protect data from your healthcare applications?

Whether its applications you have recently replaced, such as an EHR; or legacy systems you would like to decommission; our latest Best Practices Guide on ‘Managing the Cost, Complexity, and Risk of Legacy Application Retirement and Replacement’ offers insight into how you can still provide access to clinical, financial, and/or operational information, whilst reducing the cost and risk associated with duplicate and legacy systems.

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