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Customer Support Overview

BridgeHead Software has a global, dedicated team of technical support and engineering specialists who provide the highest quality support to our customers. Our objective is to provide your healthcare organization with the expertise and support you need to ensure you are receiving the maximum benefit from your investment in our software and to help you store, protect and share your clinical and non-clinical data.

Support Levels

BridgeHead offers three levels of support geared towards the needs of our healthcare customers:

  • Standard Support (8×5)
  • Premium Support (24×7)
  • Platinum Support (24×7 with HDM Managed Service)

Multi-point Support Structure

Support services are delivered via a multi-point support structure and can be tailored to meet the needs of our customers:

  • Technical Account Managers (TAM) – Perform proactive technical outreach to our customers to gain a better understanding of your overall environment and future objectives. Additionally, the TAM provides a resource for recommending various training courses and programs, as well as referring you to additional technical services.
  • Technical Support Engineers (TSE) – Ensure the timely resolution of any difficulties, problems or challenges you encounter in the installation or use of our solutions. BridgeHead TSEs provide a comprehensive knowledge of the BridgeHead suite of products. The TSE also brings best practice and a wealth of knowledge in the utilization and how these products best perform in your technical environment.

Upgrade to RAPid 20B now to avoid issues from the sunsetting of Adobe Flash


With the discontinuation of support for Adobe Flash, BridgeHead has taken steps to ensure the latest release of its RAPid™ Data Protection suite, release 20B, removes all dependencies on this technology. BridgeHead strongly recommends that you upgrade to 20B to ensure your backup and disaster recovery environment is fully up to date, as well as enabling you to take advantage of the latest features and benefits.

If you are currently on BridgeHead RAPid 19B or above…

If you are on 19B or above, the only parts of the system still using Flash are the SQL Server restore utility and the FileStore™ web interface.

  • If you need an urgent SQL restore, the BridgeHead Support team will be happy to help you using the Control Node Interface, which is unaffected by Flash.
  • For FileStore, the primary interface for retrieving files is via unstubbing, which is also unaffected; or via the FSADMIN command line utility. BridgeHead’s Support team can assist you with this.

If you are on earlier versions of BridgeHead RAPid…

If you are on a version of RAPid older than 19B, there are more instances of Flash in other Restore Utilities, however, your backups will still run, and you can make restores from backups using the Control Node (you may not be able to use the web-based Restore Utilities). In either case, upgrading to 20B is the best option. Plus, this will provide you with many of the newer features and enhancements from the latest releases, as well as important security enhancements and fixes.

New Features Of RAPid™ Data Protection Suite – Release 20B

Below is a brief summary of the new and improved features and enhancements found in RAPid 20B. These include:

  • Two new user interfaces
  • Improved load balancing queues
  • Improved support for restoring selected files from VMware or VSS Image saves
  • Improved resilience in VMware saves (automatically recover from a number of error conditions)
    • If SAN or HOTADD transport mode is requested, but is either unavailable or fails to work, 20B reports a warning and automatically switches to NDB transport
    • If requesting a consistent snapshot fails, 20B reports a warning, but automatically proceeds without consistency
    • Improved VMware clone backup recycling
    • Automatically recover if a clone backup was interrupted leaving a partial clone
  • VMware image backups can be restored to any unused Windows disk, whether or not that is a VMware disk. This allows virtual machine backups to be restored and converted to other virtualization systems, such as public Clouds or to a physical system
  • MEDITECH support for NetApp SolidFire
  • Support for VMware version 7 (also in 20A SP1)
  • Support for SQL Server 2019 (also in 20A SP1)

How To Upgrade To RAPid 20B

If you are a Customer directly supported by BridgeHead Software, please contact us by email to order your 20B distribution and to enquire about BridgeHead’s upgrade service.

If your primary support is through one of our partners, please contact them about your upgrade options.

If you are a Platinum Maintenance Customer, a BridgeHead representative will be contacting you to arrange a time with you where the upgrade can be carried out on your behalf.

Important Alert

As you may be aware, a recent vulnerability has been detected regarding Apache Log4j.

To give our customers peace of mind, BridgeHead Software conducted an urgent audit of our solutions. We are pleased to confirm that all BridgeHead products are unaffected by this issue.

(For US customers: Read CISA guidance)
(For UK customers: Read NSCS guidance)

Keep Your Software Up-To-Date

BridgeHead strongly recommends using the most recent software release for maximum performance and security. Earlier releases should be upgraded to maintain full support. For more details on release contents, please contact us.

Are you using the latest RAPid™ Data Protection software?

Release Name Release Date
23A Mar 2023
22A SP2 Dec 2022
22A SP1 Sept 2022
22A June 2022
21A SP2 Oct 2021
21A SP1 Sept 2021
21A July 2021

For information on earlier versions of RAPid, please contact customer support.

Are you using the latest HealthStore® Clinical Data Repository (CDR) software?

Release Name Release Date
23R3 Nov 2023
23R2 Jul 2023
23R1 Mar 2023
22R3 Nov 2022
22R2 July 2022
22R1 Mar 2022
21R3 Nov 2021
21R2 Jul 2021
21R1 Mar 2021

For information on earlier versions of HealthStore, please contact customer support.

We are happy to work with BridgeHead’s technical support engineers at any time. They have enhanced our customer experience and we’d like to recognize the quality of service they provide.
Delmer Schlabach

Systems Analyst, Hospital General Menonita

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Our aim is to deliver the highest quality support to our healthcare customers and we are proud to be known as the company “that always goes the extra mile for you.”


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