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How to provide access and availability of a holistic patient record to multi-disciplinary teams, across and beyond the healthcare enterprise.



Clinicians are often frustrated by having to garner information from multiple applications to access all the data required in the diagnoses and ongoing treatment of a patient. This is especially the case when working as part of a multi-disciplinary team. It is critical that a full diagnostic record be easily available and accessible to those that need it for the betterment of patient care.

Challenge 1
“I have to log on to multiple systems to get a full picture of a patient's history”

How often do we hear that healthcare staff cannot easily get access to the patient information they need? In some cases, it’s nearly impossible. In many cases it can be done, but requires the clinician to log on to multiple systems. This is both time consuming and a distraction – especially when attempting to consult with a patient or when participating in a multi-disciplinary team meeting. Is this an acceptable compromise? Or is there a better way?

The Answer

In reality, there are just too many healthcare systems to efficiently and effectively join together. BridgeHead’s HealthStore™ is an Independent Clinical Archive (ICA) that aggregates a patient’s current and historic data from disparate systems across the organization and stores that data in a standards-based format so it is in a ‘ready to consume’ state by other applications such as the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), clinical portal or viewer. And, as the data is fully indexed and date stamped, patient and treatment specific information is very easy to find.

For more information on how you can aggregate data from across your departmental silos, read more about BridgeHead’s HealthStore™ →

Challenge 2
"Too often I cannot rely on information being fully up to date, especially when it comes to historic records"

In order to gain access to a patient’s record, clinicians not only have to log in to multiple systems, which is in itself a big frustration, but they also find themselves having to conduct multiple searches across these systems to get the information they require. Surely there is a more straightforward approach that would enable clinicians to gain access to the patient data they need without this labor-intensive and laborious manual effort?

The Answer

HealthStore has been designed to manage content from any healthcare system, including historic content.  By centralizing the data in one place, HealthStore enables you to update and maintain all of the patient data easily and accurately. This includes demographic changes or content changes such as corrections made to medical images that have already been reported.  This increases your organization’s efficiency and means that data quality is maximized.

Find out how you can eliminate multiple searches across systems to get a full picture of a patient using BridgeHead’s HealthStore™ →

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