IDC MarketScape VNA-AICA Platforms for Integrated Care BridgeHead Report
IDC MarketScape Leaderboard

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide AICA and VNA for Value-Based Healthcare 2018 Vendors Assessment

In this MarketScape, IDC examines the changes in healthcare provision and reimbursement as a result of the introduction of value-based healthcare (VBHC) and the need for providers to closely monitor the efficiency of the workforce, processes, and assets in order to assess their performance in terms of clinical outcomes, patient experience, and economic viability.

Published in March 2018, and authored by healthcare industry analysts Silvia Piai and Mutaz Shegewi, this excerpt of the IDC MarketScape explores the changing landscape of healthcare and why application independent clinical archive (AICA) solutions and, in part their predecessor, the vendor neutral archive (VNA), are pivotal to a provider’s underlying patient information strategy. IDC then assessed the vendors in the space, concluding BridgeHead Software (with its clinical repository, HealthStore®) was one of the four vendors to receive the Leader recognition (in the top right-hand side of the quadrant).

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