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How to upgrade your MEDITECH EMR to an Enterprise Independent Clinical Archive

This flyer offers an overview of our new program, allowing hospitals to leverage their existing investment in BridgeHead to quickly and cost effectively upgrade to HealthStore™, a next generation Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) solution. With HealthStore, BridgeHead’s MEDITECH customers can quickly realize full VNA functionality and begin the path to broader scale interoperability across their enterprise.

How to upgrade your MEDITECH EMR to an Enterprise Independent Clinical Archive >

HealthStore™ Datasheet

BridgeHead’s HealthStore™ offers a single software environment where hospitals can store and protect all of the clinical and non-clinical data across the healthcare enterprise and make it available, through sharing, to those that need it, when they need it.

HealthStore >

RAPid Protect Datasheet

BridgeHead’s RAPid Protect Service is designed to enable smaller facilities to be able to make significant improvements to their data protection strategies and methods without incurring a high up front cost.

RAPid Protect Datasheet >

Enablement Service for MEDITECH View-Only EMR Upgrade

BridgeHead Enablement Service for MEDITECH VOEMR assists with non-disruptive upgrade of MEDITECH 6.07pp2 application environments, and higher. The VOEMR Service utilizes unique capabilities present only in the BridgeHead ISB Agent, which is convenient for organizations already working with BridgeHead for their MEDITECH data protection. However, organizations not working with BridgeHead for data protection can also obtain the BridgeHead VOEMR Service to gain non-disruptive upgrade of their MEDITECH applications.

Enablement Service for MEDITECH View-Only EMR Upgrade >

BridgeHead HealthStore for FlexPod by NetApp and Cisco

HealthStore is a solution for NetApp and Cisco FlexPod, designed to store all types of hospital data as an end-to-end solution for healthcare data management. The solution is characterized as being flexible, cost-effective, and highly efficient at reducing the storage footprint within hospitals.

BridgeHead HealthStore for FlexPod by NetApp and Cisco >

BridgeHead RAPid Approach to Application Backup and Recovery in Hospitals

The 4-page Technial Note provides specifications on how the BridgeHead RAPid approach to application backup and recovery addresses the root-cause pain points which most often are the source of failures in data protection in hospital environments.

BridgeHead RAPid Approach to Application Backup and Recovery for Hospitals >

Deduplication for Backup and Recovery

BridgeHead Deduplication for Backup and Recovery embeds HP Catalyst software to provide inline data reduction before a backup copy is written to disk. The target disk must be an HP StoreOnce deduplication appliance, either virtual or physical. A deduplication ratio of 20:1 or more can be expected for most hospital data.

Deduplication for Backup and Recovery >

BridgeHead Image Viewer Datasheet

BridgeHead’s Medical Image Viewer offers clinicians, and other hospital staff, an enterprise-level medical image viewing capability to facilitate the fast and secure delivery of diagnostic-quality images directly from BridgeHead’s DICOM Archiving Agent (DICOMStore™), at the point of care or remotely, via a web browser or mobile application.

Tag Morphing Datasheet >

Tag Morphing Datasheet

BridgeHead’s Tag Morphing Service is delivered during the planning or implementation phase of BridgeHead’s Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA), enabling the translation of incompatible DICOM tags into a commonly understood framework so that image sharing can be facilitated.

Tag Morphing Datasheet >

Managed Services for Backup Datasheet

BridgeHead's Managed Service for Backups helps to reduce the daily pressures on hospital IT departments by ensuring the creation of ‘clean’ backups, providing peace of mind around the protection of healthcare data. Download this datasheet to read more.

Managed Services for Backup Datasheet >

Caché Backup FAQ

This FAQ covers frequently asked questions on the BridgeHead solution for InterSystems Cache databases.

Cache Backup FAQ >

Data Protection Suite for Caché Databases Datasheet

BridgeHead Data Protection Suite for Caché is an integrated backup and recovery solution that provides rapid and reliable protection for all of your Caché databases.

Data Protection Suite for Caché Databases Datasheet >

Migration of DICOM PACS Archives Datasheet

In conjunction with its Medical Image Archiving software, BridgeHead also offers a comprehensive PACS data migration service. This datasheet details the underlying software and processes that are used as part of this service.

Migration DICOM PACS Archives Datasheet >

DICOM Archiving Agent (DICOMStore™) Datasheet

BridgeHead's DICOM Archiving Agent (DICOMStore™) offers hospitals a complete archiving solution enabling them to better STORE, PROTECT and SHARE their DICOM clinical images.

DICOM Archiving Agent datasheet - NA April 2014 >

VMware Backup Agent Datasheet

BridgeHead's VMware Backup Agent provides hospitals with a total protection and recovery solution for clinical and administrative information within virtualized environments.

VMware Backup Agent >

SQL Backup Agent Datasheet

BridgeHead’s SQL Backup Agent provides comprehensive protection and easy retrieval of your hospital's Microsoft SQL databases and servers.

SQL Backup Agent >

HDM Platform Datasheet

The Healthcare Data Management (HDM) Platform underpins BridgeHead's HDM Solution, providing the base functionality that is used in conjunction with the BridgeHead Agents to transform and transport data to its final destination. The HDM Platform provides the heartbeat of BridgeHead’s STORE, PROTECT, SHARE vision and offers true optimisation and security for a hospital’s data.

HDM Platform Datasheet >

File Archiving Agent Datasheet

BridgeHead’s File Archiving Agent gives hospitals the ability to intelligently manage file data by placing it in the most approprate storage device appropriate based on defined policies such as age and usage.

File Archiving Agent Datasheet >

Oracle Backup Agent Datasheet

BridgeHead's Oracle Backup Agent provides complete protection for your hospital's Oracle platform including databases, servers and all of the other components that make up the application.

Oracle Backup Agent >

SharePoint Backup Agent Datasheet

BridgeHead’s SharePoint Backup Agent provides hospitals with a complete protection and recovery solution for their SharePoint environment.

SharePoint Backup Agent >

Exchange Backup Agent Datasheet

BridgeHead’s Exchange Backup Agent provides full backup and restore capabilities for Microsoft Exchange private mailboxes, public folder trees, journals and Exchange Server meta-data.

Exchange Backup Agent Datasheet >

MEDITECH ISB & IDR Backup Agents Datasheet

BridgeHead's MEDITECH ISB & IDR Backup Agents provide comprehensive backup and disaster recovery for hospitals using MEDITECH HCIS environments.

MEDITECH ISB & IDR Datasheet >

Exchange Archiving Agent Datasheet

BridgeHead's Exchange Archiving Agent provides a long-term solution for managing email data within a hospital.

Exchange Archiving Agent Datasheet >

Operating System Backup Agent Datasheet

This datasheet details the features and functions of the BridgHead Operating System Backup Agent.

Operating System Backup Agent >

BridgeHead Health Check Datasheet

Interested in optimizing the performance of your backup system, ensuring backups are operating efficiently, and configured to best effect and test and review data restore procedures with your IT staff. Then download this datasheet on BridgeHead's Health Check to find out how.

BridgeHead Health Check Datasheet >

BridgeHead’s HDM Solution for MEDITECH SCA

BridgeHead’s Healthcare Data Management (HDM) Solution for MEDITECH Scanning & Archiving (SCA) is a policy-based storage management system for file data created by MEDITECH's SCA module.

BridgeHead’s HDM Solution for MEDITECH SCA >

BridgeHead ISB/IDR Datasheet

The BridgeHead ISB/IDR™ datasheet provides an overview of the features and benefits the product offers hospitals as a long-term solution for the backup and recovery of their MEDITECH systems and data.

BridgeHead ISB/IDR Datasheet >