By Rob Quinn, Head of Global Product Marketing, BridgeHead Software

BridgeHead Software provides hospitals with a cost effective, integrated data management solutions that ensures their most vital assets – clinical and administrative data – are collected and stored securely, protected effectively and shared appropriately.

BridgeHead is pleased to announce that our Healthcare Data Management Platform Release 17A is now available. The new release helps improve data management efficiencies and performance and streamlines workflows for both clinicians and data managers. This latest release of our Healthcare Data Management platform 17A software includes updates to both our HealthStore® and RAPid™ modules and now supports Windows 2016, EMC Unity and Symmetrix arrays, and new Web Services and utilities for easier cloud deployment.

New Release Streamlines Clinical & IT Workflows 

The HDM 17A software release includes important workflow enhancements such as a new roles-based access framework within HealthStore that will help ensure the correct content and options are presented for each user group by determining document categories that are relevant to the user, as well as allowing or disallowing other features.

A bulk print feature is also included which allows healthcare information managers to export patient details and run an aggregated print job to a secure printer. This new feature benefits the clinician as well as they can now select several documents at once which are presented using a row of tabs, allowing the user to easily jump from one document to another.

Users will be introduced to a new Just a Bunch of Disks (JBOD) converter which significantly simplifies setup by converting Managed Disk savesets into JBOD savesets without data copying and while saves and restores are in progress.

Maximizing Performance & Data Management Efficiencies

With the release of the new HDM 17A software, our RAPid Data Protection product now includes several performance and management improvements such as faster speed of encryption tasks, a result of the encryption libraries having been deployed with updated and more recent versions of FileStore.

Then there are updates to background monitoring and alert services of which their algorithms for detecting leaks and low free space conditions have been improved.

Finally, we’ve introduced a new de-duplication friendly saveset capability for better management and support by circumventing the Backup Node’s blocking structure when it is unnecessary.

These are just a few of the new features highlighting the latest version of our HDM platform as we continue to simplify the integration of all hospital data into an easily-accessed, standards-based data store.

For more information, download the new HDM 17A software release notes or contact us to find out how we help hospitals around the world to optimize their system and data protection environments.