Healthcare Data Management (HDM) 17A - Release Notes

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Healthcare Data Management (HDM) 17A – Release Notes

We are pleased to announce the ’17A’ release of our Healthcare Data Management (HDM) platform. Download the 17A Release Notes to find out what updates were made to both – the HealthStore® and the RAPid™ modules within our HDM platform. The main focus in the release was put on:

  • Streamlining both clinical and IT workflows
  • Maximizing performance and data management efficiencies
  • Supporting the very latest hardware and software

Workflow enhancements include a new roles-based access framework within HealthStore, which will help ensure that the correct content and options are presented for each user group, a bulk print option to allow ‘Healthcare Information Management’ (Records Managers) to export patient details to print, and a new ‘Just a Bunch of Disks’ (JBOD) converter to significantly simplify setup.

There are several performance and management improvements in RAPid such as faster speed of encryption tasks, updates to background monitoring and alert services, and a new de-duplication friendly savesets capability for better management and support.

Release 17A also supports Windows 2016, EMC Unity and Symmetrix arrays, and new Web Services and utilities for easier cloud deployment.


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