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Disaster Recovery: Where’s Your Security Weak Spot?

By Stephen Matheson, Vice President, Product Management and North American Sales, BridgeHead Software With the issue of disaster recovery continuing to keep many hospital C-level execs up at night, I developed a piece for the industry's premier publication on business...

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The Latest Terms in Healthcare Data Backup & Recovery

By Steve Matheson, BridgeHead Software Before we delve into some of the latest terms in healthcare data backup and recovery, I just wanted to set the scene as to why data management is not just important, but critical, in healthcare. Data is the lifeblood of any...

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MUSE Attendees Tell All: Clinical Data Challenges Top List

By Michael R. Ball, PhD, Senior Vice President, BridgeHead Software As a closely-allied partner of MEDITECH, BridgeHead Software has provided solutions that complement the MEDITECH Health Care Information System (HCIS) with backup, disaster recovery and archiving...

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A Strategic Approach to Managing Patient Data in the NHS

By Tony Tomkys, Vice President of UK and Ireland, BridgeHead Software 2016 is going to be a real time of change for a number of NHS Trusts across the North East, Yorkshire & Humber, East of England and East Midlands regions (NEEEM) as they exit their PACS and RIS...

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Are Legacy Applications Hijacking Your IT Budget?

By Jamie Clifton – Vice President Product & Technical Solutions, BridgeHead Software Legacy applications: if your healthcare organization is like most, you have a lot of them. You may not use them in production, or even access them much, but you probably still...

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Trends in VNA adoption

By John McCann – Senior Director of Marketing - EMEA, BridgeHead Software Next generation Vendor Neutral Archives (VNA) are finding their natural home as a critical application in the technology stack as hospitals move towards the vision of a single patient record and...

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BridgeHead signs TechUK Interoperability Charter

As of Friday, BridgeHead Software has officially signed up to TechUK’s Health and Social Care Interoperability Charter – an initiative designed to realise a vision for ‘Making Integrated Care Happen’ across the UK healthcare system. As one of the first wave of vendors...

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Healthcare data standards – for the ‘common’ good

This story in Digital Health earlier this year got me thinking about the word ‘common’ in a bit more detail and its relevance and importance to the UK healthcare market, especially regarding the use and adoption of data standards to facilitate interoperability. The...

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BridgeHead Invests in the Future Supporting Young Talent

I’ve been asked to write this blog and, as many people who know me at BridgeHead will testify, I can usually talk about something for hours before getting to the point – let’s see if I can steer this in a sensible direction! I have been with BridgeHead for 2 years...

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